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Discover the Power of Yes

Discover the power of "Yes" with a new kind of transformation.
September, 16 2015 by Pamela Mallette

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Extreme Complexity Is the New Normal

October, 06 2015 by Peter Schorsch
Make your network more adaptable with Transformative IT.

Ericsson Awarded for Expert Analytics

October, 02 2015 by Neil Lilley
CTIA awards Ericsson with the 2015 MobITS Award for outstanding achievements and innovation in Customer Experience Management.

Developing Your Digital Transformation Toolbox

September, 30 2015 by Pehr Claesson
Leading operators are realizing that they need to embrace digital transformation in order to survive and thrive.

Discover the Power of Yes

September, 16 2015 by Pamela Mallette
Discover the power of "Yes" with a new kind of transformation.

It Takes More Than Ever to Stand Out

September, 08 2015 by Peter Schorsch
Transformative IT enables you to say “yes” to rapid service innovation by artfully applying IT Intelligence across your organization and OSS/BSS.

The Promise of NFV

September, 04 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez
By abstracting network functionality from the hardware, operators will be delivering more easily scalable services over better utilized hardware.

Digital Health in the Networked Society

September, 03 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
Helping to connect patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders in the Networked Society.

Hacking for Smart Cities at TM Forum

August, 20 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
From Smart utility grids to optimized trash collection, hackers come together to turn cities into Smart Cities at the 2015 TM Forum Hackathon.
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