The OSS/BSS Blog – 2011-04

Elevated customer experience with integrated OSS/BSS

April, 29 2011 by Douglas Gilstrap
We have reached a turning point. Breathtaking progress in digital technologies and connectivity has expanded into more areas of society and business. …

Charging User Group with Ericsson

April, 27 2011 by Ebru Yeldan
I am very excited for the upcoming 19th Annual Charging User Group, May 17-20. The Charging User Group is an open and free event exclusively for us t …

EU to promote 4G services with new rules.

April, 21 2011 by News Release
European commissioner Neelie Kroes has introduced new rules for the EU for the purpose of promoting 4G services.The European Commission has set new t …

Inflight Wi-Fi Takes Off

April, 15 2011 by News Release
It's been three years since Wi-Fi became available on flights and it appears that the technology is literally taking off. 2011 will see an estimated …

Death of Unlimited and Rise of Revenue

April, 13 2011 by Niclas Melin
Turning limited revenues with unlimited usage to unlimited revenues with usage limits.

Growing Competition in US over Unlimited Data Plans

April, 11 2011 by Niclas Melin
I would not be surprised if this week continues the daily new moves in the unlimited US battle for mobile broadband customers and revenues. Sprint se …

FCC rules AT&T, Verizon to let rivals use networks for data

April, 08 2011 by News Release
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved a measure mandating companies such as AT&T and Verizon let smaller telecommunications carr …

Video a megatrend in the networked society

April, 05 2011 by News Release
At the MIPTV conference in Cannes, France, Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg said that an important driver of the Networked Society is consume …
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