The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-03

Customer Experience in a Connected World

March, 28 2013 by Pamela Mallette
Customer experience is one of the driving forces behind the next wave of OSS and BSS, inspiring both new thinking and innovation.

R, Spain: All Rolled Into One

March, 26 2013 by Laurie Spiegel
Communications service provider R turned to Ericsson to help manage its growing network via a unified lifecycle process and a single automated networ …

New Opportunities Demand New Thinking

March, 21 2013 by Pamela Mallette
The potential of even greater connectedness is driving innovation and the next wave of Business and Operations Support Systems.

Delivering Experience Driven Customer Care

March, 18 2013 by Chris Yeadon
There is valuable data and insights from the network, OSS and BSS that when used together creates a three dimensional view of the customer and enable …

M-Commerce: An Inspiration for Innovation

March, 14 2013 by Peter Engblom
The ability to spend, send and receive money with a mobile phone is quickly becoming an essential part of life for billions of people. We explore how …

OSS/BSS Reflections from the Ericsson Experience at Mobile World Congress 2013

March, 12 2013 by Pat McCarthy
Tony Poulos, industry OSS/BSS veteran and market strategist with the TMFORUM shares his reflections of a visit to the Ericsson Experience with Pat Mc …

Innovate for Success: How Operators Can Turn Innovation Into Profit

March, 07 2013 by Peter Engblom
Operators today can use the OSS/BSS environment to Innovate for Success by providing their customers with different innovative offerings.
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