The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-08

Exploring How Online Retail & Telecom Can Innovate Together

August, 30 2013 by Peter Briscoe
There are great benefits to be found in better understanding the existing online business models and how we can spark the next transformation in both …

Shaping the Customer Experience – From Reactive to Preemptive

August, 23 2013 by Neil Lilley
A best-in-class approach to customer experience management creates loyal users and revenue growth.

Bringing Field Teams into the 21st Century

August, 20 2013 by Laurie Spiegel
Tools built expressly for field teams allows the communication needed to bring engineering and field operations closer together.

Communicate Network Improvements To Encourage Loyalty

August, 15 2013 by Graham Cobb
Examining ways to boost customer satisfaction by communicating improvements to network performance.

Boost Network Perception With Personalized Offers

August, 07 2013 by Graham Cobb
Personalized services and flexible plans can deliver a superior customer experience while boosting network perception.
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