The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-09

FILM: What is Fresh Data?

September, 25 2013 by Pamela Mallette
The ability to look at the different data sources, correlate them, analyze the results, and provide actionable insights so you can use it right then.

Tomorrows Media World - Reflections from IBC

September, 23 2013 by Graham Cobb
The future media partnerships, services and business models will depend on OSS/BSS to increasing revenues, loyalty and profitability.

FILM: The Value of Delivering Predictive Customer Care

September, 19 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Eric Udasco, T-Mobile, discusses how big data can be used to give customers what they want, when they want it. Even before they know they want it.

Meet the Agile Operator

September, 17 2013 by Christina Carlsson
As the industry moves faster, the key to success is agility. It is our mission at Ericsson to empower what we call The Agile Operator.

Agile Service Enablement and Innovation at SDP Global Summit

September, 16 2013 by Pat McCarthy
This week I am excited to be attending the SDP Global Summit 2013 hosted in Rome to get your views on the evolution of SDP to Service Enablement.

FILM: Telcel - New and Innovative Offers Give the Competitive Edge

September, 12 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
With over 90% of the Mexican market using prepaid plans, delivering a superior customer experience is essential for growing market share.

Join Ericsson at IBC 2013!

September, 10 2013 by Graham Cobb
OSS, BSS, Service Enablement and M-Commerce combined with TV and Media creates exciting new opportunities for a personalized TV experience.

Network Performance Is About User Perception

September, 06 2013 by Neil Lilley
There’s no use in investing large amounts of money in improving your network if you don't actually improve the user experience. So how do you measure …
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