The OSS/BSS Blog – 2014-10

Are You Profiting From Customer Agility?

October, 30 2014 by Diego Fernandez Bardera
How can operators harness the wealth of customer data in order to optimize for customer agility and increase their Net Promoter Scores?

Service Agility for Innovation and Speed

October, 27 2014 by Laurie Spiegel
Portugal Telecom shares their focus on service agility and innovation to speed time to market and deliver services that reflect customer trends.

Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit: Bringing together the Industry’s Best and Brightest

October, 24 2014 by Christina Carlsson
Next week, some of the greatest minds in the telecoms and ICT industry are gathering in New York to discuss the future of OSS/BSS.

Getting All You Can Out of the Networked Society

October, 22 2014 by Pehr Claesson
Join leading experts and influential thinkers in New York as they share their insights and discuss the opportunities that a Networked Society brings.

Estonia Sets the Benchmark for ICT Development

October, 20 2014 by Peter Engblom
Anna Piperal, Marketing Manager at e-Estonia shares why Estonia has been so successful with mobile and e-services.

Agility, Ahead: Are You Ready?

October, 16 2014 by Christina Carlsson
The Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit is coming to New York where we will share the latest strategies and technologies that are supporting the agile operator.

Econet Wireless: Targeting specific customer needs to drive growth

October, 14 2014 by Peter Engblom
Mellany Msengezi of Econet Wireless shares how they have identified the needs of specific consumer segments to develop value-added data services.

Getting Ready for the Next Big Idea at the Ericsson Innovation Challenge

October, 10 2014 by Peter Briscoe
Join us in New York for an afternoon of innovation and fun as our nine finalist pitch their new ideas.
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