The OSS/BSS Blog – 2016-03

Partnering in the Networked Society

March, 29 2016 by Esmeralda Swartz
The value of collaboration, and the role that software platforms play in taking collaborative innovation to new heights.

Growing tired of IT transformation?

March, 24 2016 by Pamela Mallette
It’s obvious that agility is a must and perpetual transformation is here to stay.

Making the Most of Your CIO

March, 22 2016 by Pamela Mallette
As the CIO’s role becomes increasingly complex - where should they devote their time?

Talking Collaboration at MWC 2016

March, 17 2016 by Esmeralda Swartz
At Mobile World Congress we saw the impact of new services and innovation – not just for telco operators, but across industries.

Giving CIOs the Help They Need

March, 16 2016 by Pamela Mallette
At the CIO Summit at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we had a chance to discuss the burning questions and pressing issues that today’s CIOs face.

IT Transformation Accelerators at MWC

March, 10 2016 by Pehr Claesson
At Mobile World Congress we talked to customers about and showed our IT and Digital Transformation Accelerators that boost required change of operati …

Ericsson At Heart Of Vodafone’s Global Approach To CEM

March, 09 2016 by Neil Lilley
At the heart of Vodafone’s aggressive Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy is Ericsson Expert Analytics.

Getting It Right with Hybrid Networks

March, 04 2016 by Swamy Vasudevan
The migration from legacy infrastructure to virtualized networks is one that takes considerable time and preparation, and it’s clear that hybrid netw …
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