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Ericsson At Heart Of Vodafone’s Global Approach To CEM

March, 09 2016 by Neil Lilley
At the heart of Vodafone’s aggressive Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy is Ericsson Expert Analytics.

Services Lifecycle Part 2: Get Scientific in Addressing Your Customers’ Needs

May, 13 2015 by Peter Engblom
Are you leaving customer experience to chance?

Knowing the (Net Promoter) Score - And How It Impacts Your Business

April, 21 2015 by Neil Lilley
As good a tool as Net Promoter Score is, it doesn’t really provide a 360 degree view of customer satisfaction.

Big Data, Better Analytics: Ericsson Expert Analytics 15.0 Is Here

February, 26 2015 by Graham Cobb
Develop and deliver the types of customer experiences that delight users in the Networked Society.

How to Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level

February, 25 2015 by Christina Carlsson
Customer care agents know what they need to create these superior customer experiences.

Etisalat on Leading in the Data Era

January, 16 2015 by Peter Engblom
How can you leverage your data assets to find an edge in the market and to delight your subscribers?

Big Data Brings Big Opportunities for Telcos

November, 10 2014 by Christina Carlsson
Ray Bariso, Vice President, OSS/BSS, Ericsson North America, discusses how big data can be leveraged by telecom service providers to great advantage.

Transforming Analytics into Customer Loyalty

August, 13 2014 by Carl Johan Nilsson
Are you using analytics to make custom-tailored service offers that help improve the customer experience and foster customer loyalty?
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