By Yigit Kulabas, 30 April, 2012.

Mobile Broadband – Bundled Connectivity

Mobile Broadband has come to a point where it’s not only about technologies and services anymore. It’s also about exploring a whole new way of doing business. The new era of Mobile Broadband requires us to rethink how to operate, partner and make money. In short, it is time to Unplug.

What do we mean by Unplug? It does not mean cutting the cord. It’s all about unplugging your business, your mind, your potential, your assets. In this series we will present six smart examples of driving value into your Mobile Broadband business: introducing Unplug Logics.

Previously we have discussed how you can encourage your customers to use Mobile Broadband with all of their devices and here we present how it can be monetized to invisibly connect virtually anything for better business.

The Invisible Logic

An increasing number of goods and services are benefiting from being connected.

By the year 2020 - 50 billion products will be online. Connected car systems are expected to grow from 45 million in 2011 to 210 million in just five years. While connected consumer electronics will see an even higher growth during this time.

So how could this transformation be made smooth for both operators and consumers?

Simple, make the subscription invisible. Bundle it with the product so it’s simply plug-and-play. Then, instead of pushing subscriptions, take a percentage of the selling price and add-on purchases.

The world's largest online bookstore did just that with their E-books. With 8 million active devices, e-books outsold hardcover books by three times in 2010.

And that was last year - now imagine the business connected products will be doing in 10 years time.

Now is the time to get ready for the serge of connected devices coming and the business opportunities that come with it. It’s not just connected cars but everything from digital cameras to personal health monitors that will create the future growth in mobile communications for areas such as healthcare, gaming and mobile learning.

Let’s rethink Mobile Broadband

Let’s unplug Mobile Broadband

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Check back to see the remaining Unplug Logics discussed here or visit Unplug! Mobile Broadband for additional information.

Written by Yigit Kulabas

Global Marketing Director

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