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Games move towards connected future: report

2014-03-11 Categories: Reports
Games move towards connected future: report

The world of games is being transformed. A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report says this transformation is being driven largely by a wave of new devices, more stable internet access and ever-increasing interest.

Zero Site

2014-02-24 Categories: Technology, Industry
Zero Site

City populations grow by 7,500 people per hour and mobile data traffic is expected to grow ten times by 2019, increasing the need for sustainable lighting and enhanced mobile capacity and coverage in cities.

Ericsson ConsumerLab: Privacy, security and safety online

2014-02-21 Categories: Reports
Ericsson ConsumerLab: Privacy, security and safety online

This report is the third installment from Ericsson ConsumerLab investigating matters of user privacy, integrity and security online.

Connectivity and big data are game changers

2014-01-16 Categories: Industry, Technology
Connectivity and big data are game changers

Jacob Navok, Director of Business Development at Square Enix, explains how connectivity and big data are fundamentally changing the gaming business.

Connected lifestyles’ expectations identified

2014-01-15 Categories: Reports
  • A connected society changes our lifestyles and creates new needs and expectations
  • Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Connected Lifestyles report identifies key success criteria for the services of tomorrow to satisfy these needs
  • Key findings describe emerging needs and present new opportunities

Driving service evolution in the age of smartphones

2013-12-10 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
Hiroyasu Asami

Hiroyasu Asami, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Smart-Life Business Division for NTT DOCOMO, talks about how the Japanese operator has faced the challenges and opportunities that smartphones create in terms of services, and how he expects the company’s services to develop in the future.

Tech Talk: 5G

2013-11-22 Categories: Industry, Technology
Erik Dahlman

In this Tech Talk, Erik Dahlman, Senior Expert in Radio Access Technologies within Ericsson Research talks about 5G or fifth-generation radio access, what it is and what we believe it will bring us.

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