Media Vision 2020

The year is 2020. There are 9 billion people in the world, over 8 billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 1.5 billion homes with digital television. Over 50 billion connected devices rely on a global IP (internet protocol) network dominated by video. The new era of entertainment and connectivity has arrived and the Networked Society is a reality. The year is 2020 and where are you?

Ericsson’s Media Vision 2020 is our view of the future, created to paint a picture of how the TV and media landscape will evolve. It is underpinned by our unique position that spans the entire media value chain, across the convergence of media and telecoms backed by our deep insight into consumer trends. Through combining our understanding of the market with quantifiable research we have set out to help our industry recognize what it needs to prepare for the journey ahead.

The strategies for success employed during the past decade will not deliver success in the new era of TV. TV is a new game and it’s time to play!

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Game Changers – the elements that drive 2020

To enable you to build your strategy for success in 2020, we have distilled the most significant elements that we define as the Game Changers and key drivers as we move towards this exciting future. They are the business, consumer and technology fundamentals that all players in the TV landscape must address if they are to secure their place in an industry worth $750 billion a year in 2020.

Consumers are rapidly evolving their values and assumptions on the discovery, access, payment and sharing of content-related experiences. Are you ready to satisfy the most media savvy and demanding TV consumer in history?
Mobile and fixed IP broadband will transform TV by offering a path beyond the living room to 15bn connected devices, and will radically change consumer expectations. Essential for every platform, is your IP video strategy ready?
As brand advertisers look to build closer consumer relationships, so they will shift focus from surrounding content to creating it. With impact on advertising spend, how will you adjust to serve the media aspirations of brands in 2020?
In the IP fuelled content landscape of 2020 “Content remains king!" But what will your strategy be for bundling content, channels, and services in a world where new players aggregate and broadband is a must-have requirement of an always-connected viewer?
The demands of any-time, any-place and on any-device means content needs to be always connected. By 2020, we will see Pay-TV at web speed with cloud serving swelling demand. Do you know how cloud and web technologies can transform your edge?
The run up to 2020 witnesses TV service providers facing the emergence of disruptive new internet powered rivals and business models. Do you have a viable strategy to secure a stake in a Pay TV subscriber market worth $460 billion?