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In a connected world, everything is possible

The pace of technological transformation today is unprecedented. The past few decades have seen more change than in the entire industrial age.

We live in a world where five billion people are connected and where mobile, broadband, and cloud are transforming the fabric of society. In a truly networked society, more connections, more communication, more function, and new behaviors, shape the future, creating a positive legacy for generations to come.

Organizing for Change – Creating new business value in the age of connectivity

Organizing for Change – Creating new business value in the age of connectivity

Digital transformation disrupts business landscapes. Understand the changes that can help you create new business value, and learn how to convert risks to opportunities in the age of connectivity.

Digital Dude

Anything is possible

We live in a world where technology is affecting our everyday lives like never before. Our digital tools have become an important part of who we are, and the future we once only saw in science fiction films has already arrived. Just imagine the possibilities...

The Digital Dude takes a fun look at what’s possible, but to see how we are shaping the Networked Society today, visit Ericsson Innovation.

The new consumers

Shape-shifting consumers in the Networked Society

The new consumers

Shape-shifting consumers in the Networked Society

Networked Society stories

Stories from around the world

Around the world, people are gaining the power to create new communities, engage across boundaries, make the world more inclusive, and change the way we do business. Transformation is happening everywhere and in every culture, country and industry. Join us to explore how your world is changing.

Remote flight services

Remote controlling local airports on a global network.

Boliden ‘Aitik’ Mine

Connectivity enables remote management from a single dispatch.

Copenhagen Wheel

Transforming any bicycle into a smart hybrid.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Children’s hospital provides virtual zoo visits for patients.

Coronary Intervention Center

Hospital uses video calling to improve quality of treatment.


Making contact sports safer with monitoring devices.


Wearable technology helps users reach their fitness goals.


App functions as a personal running coach.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

A coach inside a football.

Itaipu Dam

Connected monitoring yields effective use of water energy.

E.ON Smart Meter

Connected device makes smart use of energy.

BigBelly Solar

Connected waste stations transform public waste management.

Rainforest Connection

Using existing mobile infrastructure to monitor and protect rainforests.


Information for the people, by the people.


Connectivity helps to protect endangered sharks through education.


Community helps people share and discover the world around them.


Music streaming service revolutionizes the industry.


Reporting the news on all things digital.

Focus on transformation

Impacts of change

A wave of transformational change is sweeping across all aspects of industry and society, rippling through the way we live, learn, work, create, and engage. How do you see the possibilities? Join us as we explore and share deep insights and lessons from the focal points of change.

5G Use cases explained in a flash

Industry Transformation

Is your business ready? - New ICT-related services are radically changing the business landscape for many industries. Explore how the combined forces of IT and telecoms are disrupting traditional ways of thinking, giving rise to new products, services, and game-changing levels of efficiency. The question isn’t whether your industry will be transformed, but how soon it will happen.

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Ericsson cases

Enabling Change-Makers

Ericsson is a driving force in the Networked Society. Through our technologies and services, and by sharing our insights and partnering with other visionaries, we help transform industries, create new business models, and provide the platform for innovative solutions. Explore some of our leading collaborations to see how we enable the change-makers.


Energizing Estonia

Ericsson is currently deploying a smart-metering network in Estonia in partnership with leading energy distributer Elektrilevi, and consumers are starting to enjoy the benefits.


Ericsson Drives car connectivity with Volvo and AT&T

Transforming the transport industry with intelligent transport systems, the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud enables real-time road safety and traffic services, and provides in-car internet and personalized entertainment. Our collaboration with Volvo and AT&T is shaping the future of innovation.

Maersk Line

Today over 90 percent of all cargo is delivered by sea, and Maersk Line is leading the industry with the largest fleet of cargo ships. Efficiency is of utmost importance when managing 17 million containers through 125 countries annually. Remote management is a game-changer.

Zero Site

Urbanization is a fact of life. City populations currently increase by 7,500 people every hour and mobile data traffic is expected to grow ten times in the next five years. Zero Site solution is designed to make streets safer and mobile communication easier by merging wireless connectivity with energy-efficient lighting.

News & insights

Stay ahead of the game

Industry Watch

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Thought leaders

Connected Minds

Watch some of the industry’s brightest minds discuss how ICT-led innovation and disruption are transforming all industries. Join these experts and visionaries as they explore the effects of ubiquitous connectivity and mobility in the Networked Society.

Hans Vestberg, President & Chief Executive Officer, Ericsson

In a keynote from the Mobile World Congress, Hans Vestberg explains how ICT is unleashing transformation across all industries.

Patrik Regårdh, Head of Strategic Marketing, Ericsson

Cities are increasingly becoming centers of transformation and innovation in the Networked Society.

Vint Cerf, Google

One of the “fathers of the Internet” looks to 2020, predicting that the mobile phone will be more our companion than just a device.

Ken Washington, Ford

The car and truck company is becoming a mobility company, says Ford’s Ken Washington as technologies such as IoT, autonomy, and mobile connectivity open up new possibilities.

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