1. Living in a working environment: what does the future hold?

Living in a working environment: what does the future hold?

The future of the office

Each day I drive 30 minutes one way to an office where I have bad IT, a 10-year old desk phone I never use, and where I spend all my time speaking and interacting with people who are usually located somewhere else on the planet.

Does this sound familiar? If so, tweet, “I DO TOO!!” to @geoffworth.

The institution of the office is worth closer inspection. The office as a concept did not exist before there was need for big companies to orchestrate mass production after the inventions of the industrial revolution. Like all concepts they always live long after the reasons they came to be have disappeared.

But there is some truth in close proximity to those that you work with. There is much research that says the output of a team sitting and working together far outweighs that of a team distributed. This is just common sense, but there is also research around the concept of “Group IQ”. Two of the three biggest contributors to a higher Group IQ are the inclusion more women – food for thought for all.

Then there is the trend towards no walls, no offices and open landscape working areas. Does this trend make sense or are people simply following what looks cool in small start ups that have no choice?

Speaking about the coolest, large companies – they are engaging architects that construct buildings with high-tech at the heart of their design.

As with everything in life there is not one right answer, but there is a right answer for you and for your company.

Written by Geoff Hollingworth

Ericsson Evangelist #5, software designer, marketeer, business developer and strategic lead. Geoff has worked in the mobile industry for over 20 year: Node, WebRTC, PaaS and new business models. Currently leading Ericsson's AT&T Foundry Initiative in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. Follow Geoff on twitter at @geoffworth

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