1. It’s all about the consumer market. Or is it?


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It’s all about the consumer market. Or is it?


Day two is coming to an end. It is hard to ignore the fact that a lot of the buzz coming out of Mobile World Congress has a to do with new smart devices and apps that embrace new trends (and who will buy them).

Back at the hotel last night, I watched the CNN reporter summarizing day one, mentioning the wearables and wristbands coming out on the market. The piece ended in an interview with Nokia’s CEO about them releasing an Android phone addressing emerging markets, and about Mozilla launching a USD 25 mobile phone. Same goes for social media, follow the hashtag #MWC14 and you will see what I mean.

Devices are interesting of course, but what some tend to miss is what particularly the new apps do for the entire ecosystem. Look at what Spotify did to the music industry, making disc shops and compact disc providers run out of business, and what applications like Whatsapp and Kik are doing to the way we communicate with our friends. Apps are today mostly a consumer market, yes, but they also have the potential to radically transform industries.

So, keep an eye on the upcoming apps – not only for your private use but for what they can potentially do for your business and to the eco-system your business is in.

Written by Charlotte Eriksson

Charlotte is passionate about how connectivity is transforming our lives, our workplaces and the cities we live in. At Ericsson she works with marketing and communications, strategy and promotion of the Networked Society.

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