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For ‘cityzens’, marketing starts before they see the shop

Running a coffee shop or a food stand that attracts customers during morning rush hour or during busy shopping times used to be about securing volumes and shop location. Marketing started as a way of creating brand awareness and used to happen when customers saw your shop and then decided to come in and make [...]

The impacts of regulating cross-border data flows

Data-protection regulation, including the regulation of cross-border data flows, has significant implications on sectors of the economy, commercial businesses, public organizations and NGOs. Data protection regulation including cross-border data flows should therefore not be labeled as an ICT issue only.

A fundamental shift – how technology is transforming industry

The digital revolution has often been called, the 3rd industrial revolution following those driven by steam and electricity. While these earlier shifts were about creating efficiency and improvements in how products were manufactured, the ICT revolution is about the transformation of what is being processed. It’s redefining critical business assets, creating new economic models and transforming business in the process.

Video is at the center of the collaborative organization

Video collaboration solutions will be the primary infrastructure for inter/intra-company, innovative value-creation efforts.

The video-cloud business model is a third trajectory

Up until now the communications world has been based on two major business models – the voice model and the internet model. We are about to enter the third major business model era, and the change might be bigger than most players in the market expect.

Explore the future of content caching

What can we expect from caching in the future when it comes to new technologies, architectures and business models?

Stop treating symptoms and start curing diseases

The debate about copyright enforcement has reached a watershed. In this blog, Rene Summer argues that graduated responses can no longer be done on efficiency grounds without at the same time being intellectually dishonest.

Understanding the value of interactive video

Interactivity/on-demand and personalization goes hand in hand. Interactivity is not a family experience. Interactivity is not only about video consumption. It is about taking national advertising through local to personal ads as an instrumental part of the business model transformation.

Seamless screen shifting will soon be standard

What can we expect when every screen is integrated into one holistic experience?

The consumer has spoken but is anyone listening?

what happens when an entire industry refuses to listen to most of its customers? Many organizations have in different ways tried to address the first-release digital window gap that is purposefully designed and maintained by the cinema industry and it is an example of their persistent refusal to listen to their customers. Kevin Spacey puts it bluntly, “Give consumers what they want, when they want it and in the format they want it”.