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How can we best use smart meter data? Creative solutions are starting to emerge.

Even those utilities that do maintain meter data in its most granular form often just use it for standard billing purposes and don’t try to gain any further insights from it. However, we are starting to see a few innovative and creative uses of smart meter data emerge. Here I’m sharing a couple of ideas that I’ve seen explored recently.

Exponentially extend your mobile enterprise experience

Inside the building where Apple torments the Networked Society.

So how stable are the iPhone 6 models? The answer is that they can have up to 25kg of pressure directly on the screen before it breaks the phone. This is actually really impressive. But it still shows that even the iPhone has its limit.

Capturing the evolution of utilities in the Networked Society

The term “utilities” often evokes images of decades-old power transmission lines and rusty water pipes. They are something most of us don’t give too much thought to and definitely not something we speak about at parties. However, I believe all that is about change. If you look behind the scenes of utility companies around the world today, you can see a vast amount of new, innovative ideas taking shape.

TV needs big data to serve our forever evolving viewing experience

Ultimately, the million-dollar question TV channels need to answer is: “who is watching and why?” In the Networked Society, TV must adopt new technologies and embrace viewer insights from big and open data to give us the content we want, on the devices we want, at the times we want.

Stopping to think at Futurecom 2014

“Smartphone use” doesn’t necessarily mean that Brazilians are just burying themselves in WhatsApp conversations. The new habits that we are fostering in the Networked Society are both useful and concerning, and the panel ate it up when Ericsson CTO Ulf Ewaldsson started talking about this. Are we paying attention to our lives?

Investigating innovation for indoor coverage and capacity

The mobile industry is in a very innovative phase with regards to indoor solutions. The most interesting development is the introduction of HSPA and LTE in small cells and the integration between WiFi and mobile technologies in a network for seamless transition between the two access types

What’s one way to help get billions of people online? Make apps work better.

To make their vision a reality,, Facebook and Ericsson are focusing on one important question: How do we make the internet more affordable, more accessible and less data-consuming? To answer, Facebook, Ericsson and Indonesia operator XL Axiata developed a new methodology and way to test app performance. They performed series of tests over several months, found bottlenecks and troubles in several different places and made corrections. And it was a huge success.

Developing a policy toolkit for the Networked Society

One good way to attempt to manage a transformative process is to imagine and develop a framework, or a toolkit, than can help guide policy makers on their transformative journey. This is obviously not a simple task, and the contribution that Ericsson can make is rooted in constructive yet humble ambitions.

Building a more open and inclusive way to pay in Peru

Offering financial services over the mobile network isn’t new. In fact it’s quite trendy. What’s different about this case in Peru is that it’s about building one platform with more than 16 stakeholders, with each maintaining a close, secure, and private relationship with its own customers. It’s the beginning of a shared standard for mobile financial services, with interoperability.