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Can Code Conference live up to its history and hype?

-+*What do I expect from the Code menu this time around? There are a lot of smaller companies on the speaker list that I haven’t heard of before; I’m hoping a few of them will blow me away with disruptive business ideas, things I have never thought of before but once I hear about them, I won’t be able to imagine living without them.

Digitalization – when the most valuable assets become digital


Is the Tesla Powerwall home battery really that disruptive?

-+*My guess is that adoption of the Tesla Powerwall will be brisk. In some parts of the world, we will see a change in the electricity grid over the next couple of years that can be directly attributed to Tesla. But I suspect that we are still several years away from seeing radical change to the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries (with the economic and geo-political implications that will follow).

Organizing (like a lean start-up) to transform telcos in the Networked Society

-+*So, could telcos adopt lean start-up principles to address the digital paradigm? Clearly the first step is to recognise that digital business is different from what has been their core operations – from new revenue models to more fluid rules of engagement to competition and innovation coming from new corners.

Does your office still have square tables and personal Ethernet ports?

-+*It has been a fascinating journey, one that departed from “second screen” station, stopping by at “mobile first” and heading on towards “mobile only”.

Who will be the Uber of the cloud?


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to distributed cloud data centers


Things in the Networked Society – connected and intelligent


Stunning security solutions soon a society standard – a new cyber security reality emerges


Users in the Networked Society – participating and active

-+*As users become actively involved in contributing knowledge to networks, products and services will become more relevant, as developers benefit from new insights. This results in co-created experiences, and, as a result, users are an increasingly vital asset for any public or private organization.