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Europe – any thoughts of adopting a failed GDPR must go!

Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK embody the digital change that Brussels wants to see in other European Union (EU) member states … but these top European ICT performers must lead and show Brussels the way forward in order to create a vibrant European digital and data driven innovation economy!

Capture cloud conversations – how to become familiar with cloud geek speak

But as cloud takes a more prominent role in network evolution, you will be exposed to a new set of terminologies and abbreviations. Here are a few you might want to master this year:

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Innovating from the outside in

And while the challenges themselves are nothing new, it’s thrilling to see a new consensus emerging around the need for radical organizational change.

Every country needs an IoT strategy in the Networked Society

Together We Can Cut Costs And Improve The Quality Of Financial Services

Why innovation still scores poorly in Europe

Every year, Eurostat publishes country figures for annual spending in R&D and innovation across the EU. For some countries (Italy, Netherlands, and Luxemburg) there is good news: innovation efforts have soared compared with the EU average. Others, on the other hand, need to worry.

Who is real hero in storage ‘race to zero’?

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The book that wanted to be published

You’ve never heard of the author before, and the cover looks like it was drawn someone who flunked out of art school, but it’s the number one book on the Amazon Best Seller list, even outselling Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. And it’s completely self-published.

5 big trends that will drive user experience in the Networked Society

Distributed data centers the new network end-point

Data centers are built in large volumes to reduce cost and increase performance. In the past it was a game of maximizing the amount of computing per power equivalent in order to drive down costs. We have seen different strategies to increase performance for transaction-sensitive applications. But now we are at the beginning of a […]