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When all our objects talk, what will they say?

Erik Kruse blogs about a new, in depth look into how datafication is transforming the core functions of a wide range of industries.

A transformation story you can bank on

The financial sector faces new competition from totally different business domains. Sami Dob blogs about technology’s disruptive nature and its ability to shape whole industries.

New strategies for the digital age

As individuals and businesses gain access to new digital resources, it’s becoming clear that old industry logics no longer apply. Erik Kruse blogs about digital business transformation.

Keep on trucking: future trends in transport

Changing consumer behaviors and trends such as e commerce are transforming the requirements in the transport industry. Peter Linder shares his predictions for networked goods delivery.

With e-commerce, retailers must rethink

Ulrika shares her views on how changing shopping habits are placing new demands on the retail logistics chain.

MWC 2014: the rise of the partnership

In the era of partnerships, networks are evolving to Agile, mobile, and cloud-centric architectures. MWC is now the industry event that all parts of this ecosystem participate in.

In Austin, creativity is contagious

Austin, Texas is the most competitive city in the US when it comes to creating high-quality jobs and being attractive to business. IN this blog, Monika Byhlén takes at look at some of the reasons why.

Take the fastest way please – tengo prisa

Heading to Mobile World Congress this morning I jumped into a taxi, thinking it would be the fastest way to get to Fira Gran Via congress area. Big mistake! I heard the driver’s 2-way radio saying in Spanish that the traffic jams were spread across all the major streets in Barcelona. At the same [...]

Mobile retail – a one stop shop?

Bridging the gap between online and physical stores seems to be a challenge that everyone in retail is talking about. Studies have shown that the use of mobile as a platform for viewing and purchasing retail products is still growing, however, there is much more to mobile retail than a simple extension of the online [...]

Winning with partners

To enable greater collaboration, global and local regulations need to be aligned so that partnering players of the eco-chain can actually provide a seamless service.