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The game has changed: the Internet of Things for the Networked Society

The Networked Society requires an infrastructure with inherent real-time attribution, forensic, and auditing capabilities. Data needs an immutable shipping manifest that can be independently verified as true and can offer forensic information in real time if compromise is discovered.

Arisan and the rise of m-commerce in Indonesia

Indonesians are familiar with the concept of getting financial services through non-financial institutions. The idea of m-commerce will not have high barriers for consumers to embrace. The practice of arisan also represents the “circle of trust” that is also apparent in how we Indonesians tend to surround ourselves with friends, neighbors and families.

Phoneblet and phablet powered people get super screen status

Strong momentum for phablets and phoneblets suggests we are on the verge of a large-scale transition to a daily dual device dependency, where we carry two devices with us all the time.The smaller phoneblets represent an incremental increase from the phone where the fundamental mobile phone value is preserved. The larger phablets take the step out of the regular pockets and into your purse, suitcase or small bag. The increased screen size is of great value for all applications you use for an extended period of times.

How Apple actually created the iPhone

Creating a different future requires looking at the here and now differently. Seeing what could be possible rather than how things are. So if somebody asks for proof from you when you are pitching the future, ask them if they want to change today at all…

Are we shaping smartphones or are they shaping us?

In my last post, I wrote about two-way flexibility – about people trying to understand the new norms and rules in the changing landscape of work and leisure. In this post, I want to continue that discussion further and look into what issues arise as the private and personal spheres merge.

What is a phone?

I was recently participating in an innovation workshop attended by some of the leading organizations in the North American telecom market. We were brainstorming when somebody made the following comment: “We as an industry are in a great place. The phone has become central to all interaction – it’s in the middle of everything and [...]

Risk management at the frontline of the new economy

In the Networked Society it is essential to understand the paradigm shift that everything in the digital economy is a data object and can be given attribution and integrity through signing at scale.

When are you out-of-office?

In 1999, mobile phones and the internet both existed, but for all intensive purposes there was really no connection with work or family when you were traveling.

The world turned upside down

There will be many differences between the Industrial Society logic we are now leaving and the logic of the Networked Society that is now emerging. One of the differences is how we look at customers – whether they are consumers or clients and where we find them in the value chain.

The Networked Society in a box

Did you know that Ericsson produces high-performance networks packaged in a big container? In a world where things are getting smaller and smaller, Ericsson is still producing big things, in both size and weight. Nearly 14 meters long and with a 14-ton battery, this “network-in-a-container” is probably the biggest product Ericsson delivers, and it can [...]