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Evolution of the Networked Society: Try to run Twitter on this!

Is this the start of the Networked Society? Let us go back some years in Core Network history and we will find a very old network solution. It was called the switchboard operator.

Progessive innovation: accelerating, active and accessible

As described in my last blog post, Mobility, Broadband and the Cloud have become general-purpose technologies with a broad applicability, creating a foundation for innovation and driving the transformation of society.

Logging lost luggage: your travel tags are migrating to the Networked Society

It’s the time of the year when we attach frequent-flyer tags to suitcases for everyone in the family, or write out the small paper tags in the line at the airport. Luggage tags are one area where I think we will see a massive shift from paper and plastic to connected devices in the near [...]

Introducing the sharing economy – courtesy of the Networked Society

You might have heard the term “sharing economy.” It’s all over the news these days, for both good and not-so-good reasons. Wikipedia defines the sharing economy as “an economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets.” You may have also heard of companies such as Airbnb and Uber, and even used their [...]

Truth not trust – the importance of data integrity in the Networked Society

For the first time, we are hearing Tom Wheeler, head of the Federal Communications Commission in the US, start to discuss changes to regulation if cybersecurity is not adequately addressed by network providers. This is just a beginning. There is both need and opportunity to re-think what it takes to be safe in the [...]

Seventy seven society sketches & statistics

Networked Society evangelist, Peter Linder, outlines 77 trends he believes will shape our society during 2014. The presentation is not designed to provide answers but rather trigger your own thoughts in key areas.

Capillary is an essential bridge in a connected world

Short-range radios today play an essential role in connecting smaller devices to our mobile phones. We can expect a lot of new applications leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy and Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network standard (IEEE 802.15.4) with connectivity through a smartphone or wireless access point – also known as a capillary network. This concept [...]

Debunking the false construct of piracy and high-speed internet adoption

Only 14 percent of EU’s internet users say they would pay less and downgrade their current internet service if there was no pirated content available on the internet

Big data needs a human touch

As companies embrace dig data and analytics, we mustn’t ignore the role of human intuition. In business, intuition plays an important role from the early stages of analytical strategy as the choice of target domains to analyse are often based on the intuition, or gut feelings of executives.

Are operators playing games with me?

Gamification could be a way for operators and other businesses to gather meaningful feedback and improve their relationship with customers.