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Are operators playing games with me?

Gamification could be a way for operators and other businesses to gather meaningful feedback and improve their relationship with customers.

Broadband investment is essential – for all markets

“Two weeks without my smartphone is not a life!” That is what my daughter concluded when she finally got her beloved companion back from the mobile repair shop. And isn’t it true: a device and well-functioning broadband have become a necessity in our lives today. And this is not only the case for people, but [...]

How are the combined forces of cloud, mobility and big data impacting enterprises?

In its recent report, “Market Trends: Monetizing Gartner’s Nexus of Forces in the Enterprise Software Markets.”, Gartner says that cloud, mobility and big data will drive more than 26 percent of total enterprise software market revenue by 2017. Cloud, mobility, big data and apps are the building blocks of the Networked Society and are already [...]

Don’t go with the flow

Given the remarkable shifts now taking place, sooner or later most business leaders will be faced with the billion-dollar question: How do you model and organize a business for a digitally transformed market?

Your top customers can tell you a lot about the user experience

With mobile-first strategies in place, companies pay a lot of attention to the user experience of their mobile apps. So what is taking place behind the scenes to secure that your experience is as smooth as possible? A good starting point for improving the user experience is to engage with your best customers in an [...]

Powerful performance will drive plenty of profits

Making real performance improvements in the network is an ever-more-important issue on operators’ agendas. This is being driven by three strong trends in the market: word-of-mouth marketing, the growing importance of Net Promoter Score and user selection criteria for mobile services. As a result, we are entering an era with clearer correlations between real performance [...]

The benefits of big data and medicine will far outweigh the downsides

Health and the management of health has been a human battle since the beginning of time. It has always been limited by the lack of real knowledge of the causes underlying the visible symptoms. The history of “God Bless You” when you sneeze came from sneezing being the first visible symptom of the [...]

What can open data do for your city?

There are vast amounts of city data available from an almost endless number of categories. It would be really exciting if cities could release data on what data it actually in available – open data on all data sources so to speak.

Forty-eight hours with Google Glass

Poyan Sandnell blog about his experience with Google Glass – the fascinating wearable that is giving us a glimpse of what life in the Networked Society will be like.

What would it take to double network revenues?

The current wave of growth is being driven by mobile and cloud-centric evolution, the pace of innovation is accelerating, and businesses are in focus.