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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to distributed cloud data centers

Things in the Networked Society – connected and intelligent

Stunning security solutions soon a society standard – a new cyber security reality emerges

Recent cyber-crime attacks have shown the vulnerability of previous generations of security systems. The world is fast becoming divided between those who know they have been attacked and those who have yet to find out.

Users in the Networked Society – participating and active

As users become actively involved in contributing knowledge to networks, products and services will become more relevant, as developers benefit from new insights. This results in co-created experiences, and, as a result, users are an increasingly vital asset for any public or private organization.

Moral compasses and parallel universes — a few thoughts about technology and ethics

Should public safety trump civil liberty? Will cities (or our lives for that matter) become better if we make them more efficient? Does it matter if common technologies are indecipherable to most people? Is it always a given that the data generated by people’s use of products and services belongs to the ones providing those products and services?

Mastering the six new building blocks for business in the Networked Society

Daunting digital divide dilemma – broadband opened the gap, mobile and cloud can close it

The cloud has been instrumental for introducing apps that target a broader audience. Apps on a smartphone are easier to use than a browser on a PC as an entry point for the unconnected. With the low barriers of entry for cloud-based applications and access to crowd funding capital, we can expect to see applications targeting the niches yet to be connected. The combination of mobile and cloud is an even more powerful proposition to close the digital divide in the part of the world with poor fixed networks.

On IoT Day 2015, 205 days between compromise and discovery is not good enough

Currently the length of time between digital compromise and discovery is 205 days. That is 205 days where data from a compromised system cannot be trusted, should not be trusted.

Exciting enterprise eco-system experiments – how operators can find the next growth trajectory

But operators now have an opportunity to turn their declining or flat enterprise business into a growth area. It will be a journey associated with significant innovation and ecosystem innovation over the coming three years.

Smart cities: the Internet of Things meets the smart citizen

In a smart city, the data-collecting sensors across these city layers are all integrated and communicating with each other. The data generated can be analyzed across systems to anticipate, mitigate and even prevent common city problems.