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Do consumers want to talk to machines?

Consumers may not want to talk to machines, but analysis that we have done at Ericsson ConsumerLab indicates that our understanding of computers as well as the internet is changing in a way that makes the issue quite relevant.

What can policy makers do to maximize impact from ICT?

The goal of public policy should of course be to enhance the well-being of nations and its citizens by shaping their competitiveness, the pace of social progress, and the qualitative and quantitative improvement of standards of living.

Fathers find French and final exams fundamentally flipped

I want to invite my colleague and telecom industry veteran, Don McCullogh, to share his thoughts on the flipped classroom and what many students might expect when they go back to school next fall. Don has first-hand experience of innovation at the Californian public school system and in this post he talks about how that [...]

Capillary is an essential bridge in a connected world

Short-range radios today play an essential role in connecting smaller devices to our mobile phones. We can expect a lot of new applications leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy and Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network standard (IEEE 802.15.4) with connectivity through a smartphone or wireless access point – also known as a capillary network. This concept [...]

Debunking the false construct of piracy and high-speed internet adoption

Only 14 percent of EU’s internet users say they would pay less and downgrade their current internet service if there was no pirated content available on the internet

Big data needs a human touch

As companies embrace dig data and analytics, we mustn’t ignore the role of human intuition. In business, intuition plays an important role from the early stages of analytical strategy as the choice of target domains to analyse are often based on the intuition, or gut feelings of executives.

Are operators playing games with me?

Gamification could be a way for operators and other businesses to gather meaningful feedback and improve their relationship with customers.

Broadband investment is essential – for all markets

“Two weeks without my smartphone is not a life!” That is what my daughter concluded when she finally got her beloved companion back from the mobile repair shop. And isn’t it true: a device and well-functioning broadband have become a necessity in our lives today. And this is not only the case for people, but [...]

How are the combined forces of cloud, mobility and big data impacting enterprises?

In its recent report, “Market Trends: Monetizing Gartner’s Nexus of Forces in the Enterprise Software Markets.”, Gartner says that cloud, mobility and big data will drive more than 26 percent of total enterprise software market revenue by 2017. Cloud, mobility, big data and apps are the building blocks of the Networked Society and are already [...]

Don’t go with the flow

Given the remarkable shifts now taking place, sooner or later most business leaders will be faced with the billion-dollar question: How do you model and organize a business for a digitally transformed market?