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It’s time for CIO’s to step up to the leadership challenge

The CIO’s traditional role of IT systems management and its related costs is being transformed to take on additional responsibilities in creating new competitive advantage, new services and driving new innovations.

How Formula 1 helps predict the future of the mobile enterprise

Peter Linder blogs about what can we learn from the evolution of Formula 1 engines when predicting the future of mobile enterprise access.

When all our objects talk, what will they say?

Erik Kruse blogs about a new, in depth look into how datafication is transforming the core functions of a wide range of industries.

Where will we store all this user-generated content?

Peter Linder blogs about his dependency on cloud storage solutions and the challenge of single-digit storage caps.

A transformation story you can bank on

The financial sector faces new competition from totally different business domains. Sami Dob blogs about technology’s disruptive nature and its ability to shape whole industries.

New strategies for the digital age

As individuals and businesses gain access to new digital resources, it’s becoming clear that old industry logics no longer apply. Erik Kruse blogs about digital business transformation.

How societies will benefit from technological progress

For society to benefit from a technology-led transformational change, there must be sound public policy making, because public policy shapes and determines the duration, cumulative strength and sustainability of socioeconomic benefits that can be achieved.

The day before the iPhone

We have continued to look through the same lens since the iPhone defined it for us. But the next great leap is not about us. It’s about society, the planet and civilization. It’s about the re-orchestration of the collective.

Connected rings are more than a fashion statement

Peter Linder blogs about the first wave of networked rings that are emerging. These devices belong to a group of wearable tech products that have mass market potential.

Give a voice to the people

What do Greek citizens say when asked how technology can improve our lives? Guest blogger, Tasos Pagakis shares some interesting research findings.