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A conversation about Code Conference – from gender diversity to virtual reality

For me, there were two themes that really stood out. One, that tech is absolutely changing every industry and making it redefine itself; and two, we’re all talking about gender diversity, which I think is a good thing, and absolutely needs to happen.

Millennials, video and drones – reflections on Mary Meeker at Code Conference

Navigating the Networked Society – why we’re only halfway there

Digitalization – when the most valuable assets become digital

Is the Tesla Powerwall home battery really that disruptive?

My guess is that adoption of the Tesla Powerwall will be brisk. In some parts of the world, we will see a change in the electricity grid over the next couple of years that can be directly attributed to Tesla. But I suspect that we are still several years away from seeing radical change to the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries (with the economic and geo-political implications that will follow).

Capabilities of the Networked Society – available and on-demand

Today, for an increasing number of entrepreneurs, starting a global business requires no more than an idea. Funding can be crowdsourced, and ideas and prototypes evaluated and improved directly by a network of collaborators.

Does your office still have square tables and personal Ethernet ports?

It has been a fascinating journey, one that departed from “second screen” station, stopping by at “mobile first” and heading on towards “mobile only”.

Data in the Networked Society – own, shared and open

Organizations can gather and synthesize this data – whether it’s their own, shared or open data – dynamically and in real time, giving them a new resource to deliver insights that were never before possible.

Who will be the Uber of the cloud?

There is a phenomenon going on in the world. Very small companies are disrupting very large industries very quickly. We see the same trends in many established spaces. Obvious examples are Uber towards taxis and Airbnb towards hotels. So what do Uber and Airbnb have in common that enables them to do what they do? […]

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to distributed cloud data centers