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Exponentially extend your mobile enterprise experience


Inside the building where Apple torments the Networked Society.

-+*So how stable are the iPhone 6 models? The answer is that they can have up to 25kg of pressure directly on the screen before it breaks the phone. This is actually really impressive. But it still shows that even the iPhone has its limit.

Capturing the evolution of utilities in the Networked Society

-+*The term “utilities” often evokes images of decades-old power transmission lines and rusty water pipes. They are something most of us don’t give too much thought to and definitely not something we speak about at parties. However, I believe all that is about change. If you look behind the scenes of utility companies around the world today, you can see a vast amount of new, innovative ideas taking shape.

Investigating innovation for indoor coverage and capacity

-+*The mobile industry is in a very innovative phase with regards to indoor solutions. The most interesting development is the introduction of HSPA and LTE in small cells and the integration between WiFi and mobile technologies in a network for seamless transition between the two access types

What’s one way to help get billions of people online? Make apps work better.

-+*To make their vision a reality,, Facebook and Ericsson are focusing on one important question: How do we make the internet more affordable, more accessible and less data-consuming? To answer, Facebook, Ericsson and Indonesia operator XL Axiata developed a new methodology and way to test app performance. They performed series of tests over several months, found bottlenecks and troubles in several different places and made corrections. And it was a huge success.

The Stockholm telephone tower – when telecom was in a prototype phase

-+*Sometimes simple solutions are the best. This solution was the best for that time and shows when function is more important than design. This is, from my perspective, often true when you are in pretty much the prototype stage.

When the telephone lines darkened the sun in Stockholm

-+*Can you imagine if technology hadn’t evolved, and we still needed to have physical lines for all of our connections? There were only 5,500 telephones to connect to when this picture was taken. Imagine how tangled it would be nowadays, when we don’t have just our phone sets connected, but our mobile phones, our computers, our tablets, our everything!

Lessons from life logging – my first months with photographic memory

-+*One type of wearables – a life-log – equips you with a photographic memory – one separate from your smartphone and that works without pushing a button. We are still in the early stage of exploring how life-logging will be used for private and professional purposes. The picture volumes are substantial, and life logs could easily become a substantial driver of traffic from you towards the network/cloud.

Society needs security, data needs integrity

-+*In a world driven by “as fast as possible” decisions, it is important to be able to trust that data, have immutable proof of that data’s history, and have the forensic and auditing capability to understand what happened to the data if something goes wrong.

The game has changed: the Internet of Things for the Networked Society

-+*The Networked Society requires an infrastructure with inherent real-time attribution, forensic, and auditing capabilities. Data needs an immutable shipping manifest that can be independently verified as true and can offer forensic information in real time if compromise is discovered.