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The impacts of regulating cross-border data flows

Data-protection regulation, including the regulation of cross-border data flows, has significant implications on sectors of the economy, commercial businesses, public organizations and NGOs. Data protection regulation including cross-border data flows should therefore not be labeled as an ICT issue only.

App-centric cities require a new mindset

Providing good user experience is not a network issue alone, but will always involve a balancing act between networks, devices and apps.

Connected wheels make city life smarter

Amsterdam today is a major hub for business, tourism and culture and has a long and well-respected tradition in the arts. In this post I’ll talk about some of Amsterdam’s ambitious plans and for making urban life smarter.

ICT helps city dwellers avoid foodborne illness

It is truly remarkable how many ways smartphones and the wisdom of the crowd can and do assist us in our everyday city life. The other day I learned the hard way about an app in development that tracks tweets to identify which city restaurants might be the likely source of a foodborne illness.

A fundamental shift – how technology is transforming industry

The digital revolution has often been called, the 3rd industrial revolution following those driven by steam and electricity. While these earlier shifts were about creating efficiency and improvements in how products were manufactured, the ICT revolution is about the transformation of what is being processed. It’s redefining critical business assets, creating new economic models and transforming business in the process.

Is connectivity making us more productive?

Looking back twenty years, I can clearly remember that the pace of life was much less hectic without the electronic devices that I cherish today. Or was it?

If you put an egg in space, will it explode or freeze?

At the AT&T M2M Hackathon in Plano TX, September 14-15, when we used the Ericsson Unity Platform to answer one simple question: can we get an egg in space, and if so will it explode or freeze?

Video is at the center of the collaborative organization

Video collaboration solutions will be the primary infrastructure for inter/intra-company, innovative value-creation efforts.

Malaysia and the road to the Networked Society

This is the final installment of a three-part series on enabling the Networked Society in Malaysia. It explores the key enablers being considered by the Malaysian Economic Transformation Program (ETP) team in an effort to transform the nation’s ICT sector including policy, technology business model and ethics enablers.

Raising the coverage bar – now a horizontal application game

As the breadth of applications grows quickly, so does the need for new coverage measurements. Going forward operators need to be prepared that end-users will expect coverage for all their applications.