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In Austin, creativity is contagious

Austin, Texas is the most competitive city in the US when it comes to creating high-quality jobs and being attractive to business. IN this blog, Monika Byhlén takes at look at some of the reasons why.

Take the fastest way please – tengo prisa

Heading to Mobile World Congress this morning I jumped into a taxi, thinking it would be the fastest way to get to Fira Gran Via congress area. Big mistake! I heard the driver’s 2-way radio saying in Spanish that the traffic jams were spread across all the major streets in Barcelona. At the same [...]

Getting policies right is a must

There is no built-in outcome into any technology, and benefits of technological progress are not necessarily always distributed fairly. Making the right policy choices will shape the pace, size, sustainability and distribution of the socio-economic progress that can be achieved in the Networked Society.

Winning with partners

To enable greater collaboration, global and local regulations need to be aligned so that partnering players of the eco-chain can actually provide a seamless service.

We are in the midst of transformation

At 7 am it was already a long line outside the main entrance of this year’s Mobile World Congress. Despite the spring feeling Barcelona had given us the day before, it was clear that people were starting to feel a bit chilly. They had been there for a while already. Finally the doors were open, [...]

From MWC, innovations that will transform our society

At MWC 2014 we see how we are entering a more practical phase in the evolution towards a Networked Society – with connected wristbands and even smarter phones for our day-to-day life – as well as initiatives that have the potential to change society as a whole.

Mobile World Congress: the greatest show on Earth

Mobile World Congress 2014. Taste that combination of words: Mobile – World – Congress – 2014. “Mobile,” as in the devices we’re all carrying around and the services we increasingly depend on for business and pleasure. “World,” as in the entire industry coming together to show progress and new ideas in the Networked Society. “Congress,” [...]

How policy can make the most of the Networked Society

Joel Mokyr puts it well: “…the best predictor of the living standard that a newborn baby can expect to enjoy is the accident of where he or she is born.”

It’s working life, Jim, but not as we know it

I have been writing recently about the changes happening in working life and the challenges that both employers and employees will face going forward into the Networked Society.

Finding your productivity sweet spot – at home and at work

For many people, the latte-paced economy is a reality. Managing a work-life balance today is about combining work at home and in the office. And as the workforce becomes even more mobile, this model will change even further. So what can we learn from global road warriors who fly more often than they take the [...]