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Value collaborations spark business and industry transformation

Our world is changing as a result of the Networked Society. It’s empowering consumers and influencing how we communicate with each other in private and business relationships. This post is about how the business and industry landscape is transforming and with it our ways of working, producing, manufacturing, and how customer value will be created.

Connected communities are driving a new do-ocracy

Easy access to information about almost anything is fundamentally changing our possibilities to do things ourselves. For do-it-yourself (DIY) people, it is much easier to find information and much easier to link up with people who share the same interests. This, together with affordable technologies, tools and services are lowering the barriers to nearly a zero cost in many areas.

It’s about doing the impossible – faster

The technology being invented in Silicon Valley is not incremental but disruptive. A great example of this is Joyent’s new product. Manta is storage in the cloud but what makes it different from Amazon’s S3 service is that with Mantra you can also execute jobs.

Smartphone survey shows the need for speed

Smartphone users have frequent issues with internet connectivity. As many as 60 percent of users in the study experience problems at least once a week and 33 percent encounter problems daily. It makes me wonder about the changing perceptions we have of such important things as connectivity and speed.

When it comes to smartphones, we’re all different

More and more people around the world have smartphones and we are expanding the way we use them – from keeping track of our health to being on top of our social life, for shopping or watching Game of Thrones. We have all different preferences and it is becoming increasingly important to understand the factors that affect the overall smartphone experience.

For young kids, tablets may not be enough

Today’s young children see their parents on their smartphone everywhere and wonder why they don’t have connectivity anywhere they want. An emerging trend is that the youngest members of the family are now in many cases the first to demand integrated 3G and 4G connectivity.

Disruptive conversation during All Things D

Dodi and I jotted down a stream-of-consciousness conversation during the final session of All Things D in California this week. Fasten your driverless-car seatbelt, put on your Google glasses, and here we go:
Ulrika Bergström 17:48
Dodi, you expected disruption at D11 in your pre-event blog: Did you find it? Personally, I conclude that ‘mobile’ is [...]

Big ideas at All Things D

The first day at the D11 conference by AllThingsD outside Los Angles was very intense. The variety and quality in the speaker lineup is impressive. Here come a few snapshots from the event:
Morning kicked off with a session on market trends. Mobile first is coming cross as the most important priority for application developers. Able [...]

All Things D – does it have to be so disruptive?

All Things D is where everyone is gathering to discuss everything digital. But in the spirit of the entrepreneurial industries that we’ll be discussing, I think it’s better to think of “D” as in “disruption.”

What will survive?

Is it relevant to consider what “things” will continue to exist or is it more interesting to ask why things exist in the first place? In the Networked Society, it is possible to distribute human invented concepts digitally, rather than physically. And once they are digital, they can be enhanced or completely re-invented.

For the first time since the Industrial Revolution it is possible to distribute human invented concepts digitally, rather than physically. And once they are digital, they can be enhanced or completely re-invented.