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Wireless medicine – a connected friend when life gets tough

Soon enough, many of us will have to ask ourselves: Would I accept a microchip permanently implanted in my body? In our On the Brink film from November 2011, we discussed the effect technology will have on medicine, and concluded that with the help of technology we’ll probably live longer and healthier lives.

iPads take center stage at Sydney school as pen and paper are pushed aside

In a yearlong trial, a Sydney school has issued 145 year 6 students with iPads, which will be used to complete most of their classwork. So what will happen to pen and paper as more and more new technologies are introduced in schools? Do they have a future? Perhaps – well, I’m rooting for the [...]

How will being connected to everything and everyone change your life?

In this video, visitors to Mobile World Congress 2012 share their thoughts on what always being connected means to them and how it is changing their world.

A connected car would make my life easier

I have high expectations about how adding connectivity to different products will change my behavior and add benefits. While I do look forward to being able to scan my fridge and get automated messages on what groceries I should buy on my way from work, I think the connected car could be my favorite product [...]

Electric cars that can communicate intelligently – yes please!

In 2010, Sweden set itself a very ambitious goal: to become the first oil-free economy by 2020.
While Sweden is still far from achieving this goal, progress is being made. A great example of this is the innovative research project called ELVIIS. ELVIIS – or Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure – aims to use mobile connectivity [...]

Thinking Cities: ICT is changing the game

In the latest Networked Society film, I discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the 21st century city together with various leading city-thinkers. We also discuss how ICT is helping achieve sustainable solutions.

The apps that could save your life

Last year, there were floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and bushfires, and many people most probably found themselves in situations where they were lost, scared and ill informed. Imagine if they had had a rescue or emergency app that could have helped them in their time of need?

Smartphones: making the internet truly mobile

As 2011 drew to a close, Ericsson ConsumerLab identified the hottest consumer trends for 2012 and beyond. And, when asked what I expected the most important changes to be this year, it struck me that although everyone knows that smartphones are popular, very few seem to grasp the enormous implications these devices are having for [...]

How do you keep a fickle audience happy?

At this year’s CES it’s proving to be more about the intangible, such as applications and connectivity, than the tangible. In this video I talk about the importance of being able to access content from anywhere at any time and on any gadget.

Networked Society comes alive during the Volvo Ocean Race

During the last Volvo Ocean Race, I was lucky enough to travel the world while also leading the delivery of the race’s next generation of multimedia solutions. We made Facebook, Twitter and Google Earth part of the race experience for the first time, and also provided real-time access to video of the race via mobile [...]