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Networked Society from the beginning to the end – and beyond?

Discovering your true self in the Networked Society

This guru has this kind of keen insight into creativity, diversity and inner circles because, as she says: “It takes a lot of imagination to see yourself in the mirror as another gender.” Ophelia Pastrana began her life and career while she was a man. Then four years ago she introduced her new self to the world.

Ericsson Industry Watch

Today’s apps and aggregators are tomorrow’s media channels

As more incumbents rise to the challenge by combining their own media with a rising demand for short, personalized, user-created content, new monetization strategies are only beginning to emerge. But they’d better act fast before their value chain is turned upside down.

Following Pope Francis’ footsteps in Manila with smartphones and social media

Will you use thoughts to send a smiley in the near future?

Just because we have seen amazingly fast development of new communication services over the past few years, including a rich flora of social networks, micro-blogging services, messages that self-delete, instant messaging services and variations on telephony with and without video, it doesn’t mean that this fast paced change is about to stop now.

Smartphones do not make us anti-social

So… let’s get past the idea that cell phones make people antisocial. When you’re alone in a crowd of strangers, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your online world online and making connections that weren’t possible before. That’s what the Networked Society is all about.

No 4G, no problem: how people in developing Asia are driving social media use

We have just released our seventh edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report and as I went through the South East Asia and Oceania appendix, what really stood out was how much social media has become ingrained as part of life in this region.
Already, one in four of us feel social media is central to our lives and as many as 60 percent are using multiple social media platforms. Even more striking was the fact that this sentiment seemed to be more pronounced in emerging countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

That legendary ICT-driven party that delivered a flawless experience … except for Dad

Our speaker’s thesis is that the more complex a situation is, the greater the engagement will be. Because the party was broken up by police, more friends wanted to see the photos and share them. This is what our industry has to prepare for – and with high levels of engagement and complexity, the consumer experience has to be flawless.

Command-crafted community

Produce and print personal postcards: classic comes back with digital twist