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Connected rings are more than a fashion statement

Peter Linder blogs about the first wave of networked rings that are emerging. These devices belong to a group of wearable tech products that have mass market potential.

Massive mobile momentum is materialising

What does mobile first mean across different sectors when all devices are mobile and applications are cloud-based and designed for mobile?

Technology and good karma unite a nation

Connected communities are driving a new do-ocracy

Easy access to information about almost anything is fundamentally changing our possibilities to do things ourselves. For do-it-yourself (DIY) people, it is much easier to find information and much easier to link up with people who share the same interests. This, together with affordable technologies, tools and services are lowering the barriers to nearly a zero cost in many areas.

When it comes to smartphones, we’re all different

More and more people around the world have smartphones and we are expanding the way we use them – from keeping track of our health to being on top of our social life, for shopping or watching Game of Thrones. We have all different preferences and it is becoming increasingly important to understand the factors that affect the overall smartphone experience.

Twitter is the ultimate connection between people and things

Followers of Twitter don’t have to be human beings anymore. They can be things as well. Things broadcasting to things – that is a very exciting proposition.

Dare to be disruptive

My three-step guide to get you online

Become a Networked Man in a matter of months

Change will never be as slow as it is today