A Sign of the Times

Technology enables society. In the world of public safety, protection and response access to critical information is essential. Technological evolution also puts demands on governments to keep up with the increasing needs of citizens. Government agencies want to provide the services their citizens need, pave the way for further development and make sure society is safe for everyone.

A vital factor in this new world is enhancing existing and reliable voice communications with broadband and multimedia. Whether facing a critical mission or administrating daily operations, government agencies and emergency personnel need to know that their communications are ready to work for them. Communication needs to be effective, reliable, convenient and adapted to their needs. Success also means having the processes and tools to work more efficiently. These factors combined, allow emergency personnel to focus on what they do best: taking preventative actions, saving lives and protecting property.


Emergency Response

The Emergency Response solution enables rescue and relief workers to command, control and communicate urgent information quickly and efficiently, helping to save lives and protect property.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is our complete, flexible and robust solution for protection of infrastructure that is critical to a society’s existence.

Border and Area Security

Our cutting-edge and customizable solution is based on a detailed threat analysis to ensure the unique border- and area-security needs of each customer are addressed.

Managed Services for Enterprises

Managed services can also be offered to other industries than telecommunications, either directly or via an operator.

Public Safety LTE

Fast, reliable broadband for public safety organizations

In emergency service call-outs, a picture or a video stream is often vital for achieving a successful outcome. Today’s users of ...