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Welcome to Thinking Ahead. We’ve brought together the best in tomorrow’s technology, the latest research into what consumers all around the world want, and leading experts’ insights into the future of the Networked Society.

Ericsson ConsumerLab

Find out what consumers want. Ericsson ConsumerLab interviews 100,000 individuals in more than 40 countries and 10 megacities every year to find out what the world thinks about ICT products and services. Get the latest reports revealing the trends, expectations and desires that are shaping the market and the globe.

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Technology Insights

See tomorrow’s technology today. Thanks to our global team of researchers, we have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. In Technology Insights, they share their knowledge and understanding of today’s challenges and tomorrow’s solutions.

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Networked Society Blog

We are all living through the early stages of an extraordinary revolution. A connected world is just the beginning of our shift towards a true Networked Society. Engage with leading thinkers discuss where we are heading, and how we are going to get there.

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Ericsson Technology Insights

Ericsson Technology Insights

Ericsson Technology Insights brings together the best of Ericsson’s technology expertise in ICT. In this app you will find the latest Ericsson Review articles and white papers.

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Ericsson Speaker’s Corner

Ericsson Speaker’s Corner

Every innovation starts with an idea. Every idea needs to be discussed in order to grow. Our Speaker’s Corner is a way to encourage this discussion. The Speakers share their visions and ideas, their view of opportunities and challenges on the brink of a Networked Society.

Ericsson Speaker’s Corner

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The latest tweets about the most important drivers of The Networked Society: Mobility, Broadband, and the Cloud. Use the following hash tags to join the conversation.

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