Zero footprint packet microwave solution - MINI-LINK PT provides a low TCO, with easy installation, no site building, and a low power consumption.

MINI-LINK PT is an all-outdoor MINI-LINK product optimized for packet networks, using native Ethernet over microwave. MINI-LINK PT can easily be deployed in single hops and/or end sites, where single Ethernet connection is available. It is also possible to deploy in combination with other MINI-LINK nodes e.g. MINI-LINK SP & MINI-LINK TN.

Different MINI-LINK PT products are optimized for different scenarios.
MINI-LINK PT 2020, is perfect for the new all outdoor main remote, micro/pico sites in the traditional frequency span, 6-42 GHz.
MINI-LINK PT 6020 uitlizing the new e-band frequency (70/80 GHz) addresses both the last mile as well as fiber extensions markets.
MINI-LINK PT 3060 is designed for small cell backhaul with its innovative design and covers 60 GHz unlicensed band.

Microwave towards 2020

"Microwave Towards 2020" gives Ericsson's view of important aspects of microwave in backhaul networks including capacity needs and capabilities, spectrum, total cost of ownership, packet functionalities and service defined networks and how this will evolve towards 2020. It is also available on Slideshare.

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