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Ericsson Research on the importance of indoor small cells in heterogeneous networks

2013-07-04 Категории Technology
Ericsson Research on the importance of indoor small cells in heterogeneous networks

Sara Landström, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research, explains why indoor small-cell solutions play an important role for users, operators, enterprises and shopping malls alike.

Wi-Fi in heterogeneous networks - an integrated approach to delivering the best user experience

2013-06-25 Категории White Papers, Technology
Wi-Fi in heterogeneous networks - an integrated approach to delivering the best user experience

Delivering additional radio-network capacity and coverage through the deployment of small cells as part of a heterogeneous network is central to most mobile operators’ mobile-broadband strategies, and Wi-Fi is a key element to satisfying the hungry data appetites of millions of smartphone and tablet users.

Преимущества решений для гетерогенных сетей Ericsson подтвердились в реальных действующих сетях

2013-02-26 Категории Press Releases
  • Комплексные испытания в действующих сетях подтвердили преимущества решения от компании Ericsson для строительства высокоэффективных гетерогенных сетей;
  • Повышение качества работы мобильного ШПД обеспечивается за счет улучшения и уплотнения макроуровня, а также стратегически важного добавления скоординированных малых сот на базе технологий доступа 3GPP и Wi-Fi;
  • Измерения подтверждают, что при скоординированном использовании малых сот емкость увеличивается на 100% и существенно снижается показатель обрыва соединения по сравнению с нескоординированным подходом.

Follow the Expert: Gemma Vall-Llosera with the latest demos from Ericsson Research Day

2012-04-05 Категории Industry
Gemma Vall-Llosera

Gemma Vall-Llosera, an Ericsson Research specialist in high-speed access and architecture, takes us on a tour of some state-of-the-art demos in the latest Follow the Expert film.

Heterogeneous networks

2012-02-27 Категории White Papers, Technology
Meeting mobile broadband expectations with maximum efficiency

As the Networked Society takes shape, providing the right user experience is a top priority for operators. Bandwidth-hungry applications common on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices are driving figures for data traffic sky high. The opportunity for operators arises from people, business and society depending on their devices, mobile broadband access and high-performance networks. Heterogeneous networks, commonly known as hetnets, are efforts to improve and densify existing mobile broadband infrastructure together with added small cells are important when meeting ever-increasing user expectations.

It all comes back to backhaul

2012-02-23 Категории White Papers, Technology
It all comes back to backhaul

Backhaul plays a critical role in mobile broadband, and is rising in importance on account of the introduction of heterogeneous networks, known as hetnets. Deploying vast numbers of small cells to complement improved and densified macrocell layers will require a range of highly scalable, flexible mobile backhaul solutions that support superior user experience.

LTE: what’s the story?

2012-02-23 Категории Portfolio, Technology
LTE: what’s the story?

As we move toward the Networked Society, operators the world over are turning toward LTE to meet the demands of users in an all-connected world. A recent five-part Ericsson article series, which takes a closer look at LTE-related subjects of interest to operators, has been packaged into a handy brochure called "LTE: A global success story."

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