Network Sharing

Through sharing models, we can be your partner for unlocking further value from your network assets.

Market developments are driving the evolvement of traditional network sharing models into wholesale capacity as-a-service models. These models enable additional savings and efficiencies – based on scale advantages in operations and assets ownership – supporting the telecom industry.

Service description

Network sharing is becoming an established model in the mobile telecom industry. It has been around almost since the start of the mobile industry in the 1980s. Many operators around the globe are engaged in some form of network sharing, typically in the form of roaming, site sharing and active network sharing.
Adding further value to the network sharing model, the wholesale model is a way for industry players – operators, vendors, investors and regulators – to jointly capture opportunities and drive the development of the industry. The principle behind a wholesale model is that the existing or newly built network assets are off-loaded to a 3rd party and then provided as-a-service to multiple operators.
We are, together with operators world-wide, exploring and offering Wholesale Network Sharing for RAN, backhaul and core networks where there is a clear market logic for sharing, i.e. fierce competition, spectrum license shortage, coverage obligations and high debt levels. Such a service can be measured in terms of capacity, coverage and end-user functionality. It is based on Service Level Agreements in combination with end-user perceived Key Performance Indicators.
Further, venues are addressed with the small cell capacity/sharing offering Connected Venue. The idea is to enable higher venue monetization possibilities by providing an enhanced venue experience based on the latest technology being a high capacity network (Wi-Fi and LTE Broadcast integrated). For operators, this is a way to provide advanced end-user services. For venue owners, this is a way to stay competitive and provide end-user satisfaction.
Additionally, the rural market is addressed with the offering Managed Rural Coverage, which is an attractive way to expand operator reach – and un-tap the deep rural market where traffic is growing – without CAPEX investments. The challenge is to get access to electrical power and transmission while providing rural coverage in a profitable way. We offer an environmentally friendly service based upon a charging per minute model for 2G/3G/4G including satellite transmission costs, solar power, rollout and maintenance, with short time-to-market and no additional load on the operator organization.


Network Sharing brings you financial benefits such as cash release from existing assets and cash flow improvements by linking costs to revenues. It also brings you operational benefits in the form of increased specialization and flexibility, reduced technology risk and reduced barriers related to culture and governance.