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LTE for utilities - supporting smart grids

2013-09-10 Categories: White Papers, Technology
LTE for utilities - supporting smart grids

The introduction of smart meters and smart grid sensors demands a cost-effective and easily deployed communications solution. Laboratory and field tests have demonstrated that LTE networks successfully meet the technical requirements for smart grid communications.

IPR & Licensing

2013-09-04 Categories: Corporate, Technology, Portfolio
IPR & Licensing

Innovation is a part of Ericsson’s DNA. IPR licensing allows us to continue investing in R&D.

Ericsson names three new inventors of the year

2012-05-03 Categories: Industry
Ericsson names three new inventors of the year

Three Ericsson employees who submitted in all 275 patents within radio technology have been named “Inventors of the Year.” It is the 17th consecutive year that Ericsson puts the spotlight on individuals with exceptional ideas and contributions to the company’s industry-leading patent portfolio.

LTE: what’s the story?

2012-02-23 Categories: Portfolio, Technology
LTE: what’s the story?

As we move toward the Networked Society, operators the world over are turning toward LTE to meet the demands of users in an all-connected world. A recent five-part Ericsson article series, which takes a closer look at LTE-related subjects of interest to operators, has been packaged into a handy brochure called "LTE: A global success story."

Making LTE even better: the role of R&D

2012-02-17 Categories: Technology, Portfolio

The last article in our series on LTE focuses on Ericsson’s dedication to continual development of the technology through research and development, consumer understanding, standardization, and working directly with customers to meet specific needs.

New ETSI Board Chairman, Ericsson’s Jonas Sundborg, to focus on the organization’s strategy

2012-01-30 Categories: Industry
Jonas Sundborg

The new Chairman of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Board, Jonas Sundborg, says delivering on strategic objectives will be a key focus during his tenure.

Why Chinese 4G matters to the rest of the world

2011-02-07 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Time-division LTE (TD-LTE) represents China’s bid to take a global leadership role in 4G. However, TD-LTE is not only of interest to the Chinese. Other countries are also in the mix.

LTE - the first truly global standard?

2010-08-17 Categories: Industry
Thomas Noren
Is LTE destined to be the first, truly global standard? Today’s uptake suggests yes.

Ericsson successfully demonstrates open standards for standards-based common featured set-top box

2010-08-11 Categories: Industry, Technology
  • Ericsson and industry partners successfully demonstrate standards-based common featured Set-top Box (STB) proof-of-concept with Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) open standards.
  • With a standards-based common featured IPTV STB, consumers will receive a wider selection of content from different providers.
  • Open standards will encourage innovative application development and foster creative marketing options in the pay TV arena.

The disrupter speaks out: Be prepared to give it away

2009-09-09 Categories: Ericsson Business Review

Skype was no mistake. Niklas Zennström and his partner Janus Friis did not stumble upon success with their peer-to-peer telephony giant. They had a vision.

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