Ericsson BMR464 series

40A/50A 3E POL

BMR464 extends maximum output current of 3E second generation of Ericsson’s Point-of-Load voltage regulators from 20A to 50A. It offers easy paralleling and current sharing. Up to seven modules can be paralleled, offering a maximum output current of 350A.

Key Features

It features digital PWM with a Power Good (PG) pin, advanced paralleling, delay and ramp-up. The series also features non-linear transient response, and is PMBus read and write compliant.
50A series also features Dynamic Loop Compensation (DLC).  

Input: 4.5-14 V
Output: 40/50 A

  • 3E POL connect
  • Max height 8.2 mm (0.323 in)
  • 97.2 percent efficiency at 3.3 V (typical value at half load)
  • PMBus read and write compliant

Other Features:

  • Fully regulated
  • Adaptive compensation of PWM control loop & fast loop transient response
  • For narrow board pitch applications (15 mm/0.6 in)
  • Non-Linear Response for reduction of decoupling cap
  • Input under voltage shutdown
  • Over temperature protection
  • Output short-circuit  & Output over voltage protection
  • Remote Control & Power Good
  • Voltage setting via pin-strap or PMBus
  • Advanced Configurable via Graphical User Interface
  • ISO 9001/14001 certified supplier


Product Program

4.5-14 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
0.6-3.340132BMR464 x002/001 (x=0,1,2) 
0.6-3.350165BMR464 x008/001 (x=0,1,2) 


The BMR464 3E POL regulator is also available with different options. For more details, see Technical Specification under Downloads.


Mechanical Data

Size (LxWxH):

TH/SMD: 30.85 x 20.0 x 8.2 mm (1.215 x 0.787 x 0.323 in)
SIP: 33.0 x 7.6 x 18.1 mm (1.30 x 0.30 x 0.713 in)


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