Mediaroom Platforms


Mediaroom is the world's most innovative and deployed IPTV platform. Mediaroom-powered TV services are offered by nearly 60 global operators in 23 countries, delivering services to nearly 13 million household subscribers with approximately 24 million set-top boxes. The Mediaroom platform from Ericsson is recognized as the leader in first-to-scale features such as wireless receivers, whole home DVR, instant channel change, and many others.

Ericsson believes that the future of TV will be a richly connected, social and immersive experience on all devices. We call this TV Anywhere. The Mediaroom Platforms are the critical enabler of a unified IPTV and multi-screen TV experience, managing devices, subscribers, content and the business of a TV service.

Ericsson Mediaroom Platforms enable TV service providers to deliver the fully interactive, customisable and personalized TV experience that enables new revenues and sustains subscribers through innovation and the ultimate TV experience proven across tens of millions of consumers.

Ericsson acquisition of Microsoft Mediaroom


Ericsson closes acquisition of Microsoft Mediaroom. This makes Ericsson the leading provider of IPTV and multi-screen solutions.
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