Operations and Business Support

Excellent user experiences, business innovation and efficiency – the operational processes, competencies and solutions to handle and manage your customers, services, networks and IS-IT.


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Billing & Revenue Management

Our agile convergent billing and revenue management solutions solve billing and charging challenges, with the functionality you need to increase both revenues and customers in the Networked Society.

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Customer Relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about providing a holistic and transparent a view of the customer as possible, and optimizing a business relationship which is intended to be developed ...

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Network and Cloud Management

Networks are changing and so is the way we manage them. Ericsson’s strategy for managing information and technology in telecom operators’ converged ICT networks are realized with a new ...

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Plan Build Optimize

Achieve faster network builds, optimize the network, and profit from accurate data.

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In today's networks delivering superior customer experience depends on many things.  Ericsson's family of Assurance products provides all the tools an operator needs to make sure their ...

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CDMA Operations, Administration and Maintenance

To ensure the high performance and operational efficiency of the Ericsson CDMA network, Ericsson supports a robust CDMA Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) architecture that ...

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User Data Management

Providing subscription handling for all the processes related to the privacy, authentication, authorization and mobility management of end users in mobile and converged networks.