Radio Access

Build profitable networks based on a wide variety of standards. Deliver high-quality voice and data services with economies of scale for the most cost-effective networks.

GSM: the technology that made the world mobile

GSM/EDGE delivers high data speeds and the best global coverage for mobile devices. Much faster than ordinary GSM/GPRS, while freeing up GSM network capacity for additional voice traffic.

WCDMA: the leading voice and mobile broadband technology

WCDMA/HSPA is cost-effective for voice and the best technology for mass-market mobile broadband services – mobile broadband access that matches or surpasses most fixed networks.

LTE: superior user experience for next-generation mobile broadband

LTE offers high peak speeds, low latency, high capacity, spectrum flexibility and network simplicity. Chosen by most operators as the technology for next-generation communication.

Wi-Fi: complements the heterogeneous network

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi complements Ericsson’s heterogeneous network offering to improve the mobile broadband experience, even in the face of demanding video applications.

CDMA: a bridge for voice and mobile broadband evolution

Major operators rely on CDMA 1x and EV-DO to supply mobile voice and data services to over half a billion users. Grow top-line revenues and prepare to provide full-service mobile broadband.


Base Stations

Our versatile portfolio of radio base stations gives an unrivalled flexibility when it comes to providing coverage and capacity for all applications, ranging from rural to dense urban ...

Radio Dot System

The Ericsson Radio Dot System will remove indoor bottlenecks by providing coverage to different kinds of users in medium to large indoor locations. The system uses an innovative antenna element ...


The current development of GSM and WCDMA networks puts strong demand on controller efficiency. The network controllers (BSC, RNC and EvoController) helps operators to meet future expansion needs, ...

Carrier Wi-Fi

Ericsson Carrier Wi-Fi networks are massively scalable and seamlessly integrate with the carrier core to deliver a great user experience.

Radio Site

Our Radio Site are based on RBS site products needed for a complete RBS site with high quality and optimized network performance.

GSM Radio Access Network

The GSM standard is continuously evolving with innovations such as VAMOS and EDGE Evolution. Our constant focus on technology leadership and lowest total cost of ownership makes Ericsson’s ...

LTE Radio Access Network

LTE is the next step in the technical evolution of 2G/3G networks. It offers superior user experience with simplified technology for next-generation mobile broadband.

WCDMA Radio Access Network

Regardless of where they are, consumers demand higher data rates as they send and receive e-mails, or enjoy music or video clips. So, speed isn’t the only issue for the network service ...

CDMA Radio Access Network

CDMA Radio Access Networks delivers superior performance to meet a full range of network provider requirements from rural to dense urban deployments.

The CDMA RAN portfolio provides ...

New product launch

The new Ericsson Radio System is a modular approach to building and expanding mobile networks that introduces an entirely new system architecture.

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Radio Access news

Latest news within this area from Ericsson.

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Future direction of GSM

Thin Layer GSM

A GSM network layer will co-exist with other radio technologies and continue to play a vital role beyond 2020 given its advantages in coverage, number of subscribers, low-cost terminals, roaming and M2M.

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5G Radio Access

Each decade since mobile communication was introduced in the 1980s, has brought with it a new generation of systems and technologies. The next evolution, 5G radio access, is set for commercialization around 2020, and will deliver 5G services in an environment that is shaping up to be a significant challenge.

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New software launch

Ericsson Networks Software 15B is leading the way the ICT industry is transforming itself, offering increased performance and commercial simplicity for software delivery.

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