Ericsson Web Communication Gateway

The Ericsson Web Communication Gateway (WCG) translates between telecom and Internet protocols. It exposes communication APIs in an Internet-friendly way, making it easy to add communication services to Internet-based applications. The WCG uses well known web technologies like HTTP and WebRTC to significantly reduce time-to-market for new combinational services that can be used on practically any device.

It provides the tools to create an ecosystem of partners who create new services that may include contextual based communication, such as in the medical or transportation industry where real time communications are combined with access to various data and services.

Customer situation

A growing variety of devices are connecting to the network – smartphones, game consoles, tablets, TVs, vehicles and machines. Telecom grade services need to be easily accessible to enterprise and application developers, to allow them to invent a new breed of communication applications that make the most of what these devices and networks have to offer.

Ericsson's offering

The WCG acts as a network based gateway that offers RESTful (Representational State Transfer) application programming interfaces (APIs) to expose IMS based services, using internet Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) signaling and WebSockets. The WCG includes all protocol stacks for IMS such as SIP and XCAP and eliminates the need for such stacks on the device. This reduces the complexity and size of the client and simplifies the development of new services.

The WCG also handles and translates the Session Description Protocol (SDP) received from the client to provide instructions for media handling for voice and video. Service development kits (SDKs) such as JavaScript/HTML5 allow developers to create applications in their native programming environment. Any application developer can use the SDK to integrate with existing internet applications and create and deploy new applications on devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops using operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows.

The unique architecture of the WCG and coexistence with the Session Border Controller (SBC) enables secure connectivity and end-to-end interworking for devices behind the Network Address Translation (NAT). The WCG is a differentiator to the SBC in that it allows native- and browser-based devices to access services in the network securely, thereby creating new opportunities for the operator to establish new business models through trusted partnerships.

Main values

  • Any device using standard internet technologies can use telecom services
  • Unleashes the value of the telecom provider’s network by exposing communication services in an internet-friendly way
  • Any application developer without knowledge of telecom networks can easily create services that combine internet applications with telecom services, leading to more apps and resulting in shortened time-to-market
  • The telecom network will ensure high security, quality, redundancy, charging and similar network functions, while the services can be executed in the cloud
  • New revenue through retail and enterprise business models