Fixed Broadband and Convergence

Ericsson's 4th generation IP network vision and portfolio supports a new generation of IP Infrastructure to be built, ready to deliver the relevant, personalized, end-to-end, IP-based services and applications that meet the high expectations of users.


Deep Fiber Access

Today’s digital life is expanding into more areas of society and business. When one person is connected their life changes and when everything is connected our world changes. One of the most ...

Evolved IP Network

The Evolved IP Network solution (EIN) provides a dependable, cost-effective and fully featured IP transport foundation for multi-service broadband offerings. EIN is based ...

Service-Aware Charging and Control (SACC)

The visibility and control made possible by the Service-Aware Charging and Control solution is vital in today's rapidly growing market of mobile data traffic and new multimedia services.

Key Products

  • IP Edge

    What is “IP Edge”?
    The IP Edge comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that end users demand. These systems are placed between the metro and ...

  • Microwave Networks

    Our microwave offering provides the lowest cost of ownership, whether it is for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave.

  • Multiservice Switches

    Ericsson has a strong PPX product portfolio that serves a broad installed base with requirements for multiservice and backbone data networks.

  • Optical Transport

    The Optical Networks product family provides cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions to meet operator needs today and in the future.

  • Evolved Packet Core

    Our widely deployed Evolved Packet Core solutions provide the capacity, functionality and superior performance needed for next-generation broadband.

Ericsson Mobility Report


This report paints a broad, informative picture for anyone with an interest in current traffic and market trends.

Ericsson Mobility Report

Fixed Broadband and Convergence in action

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