HD voice - it speaks for itself

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HD voice frequency range

By significantly raising the quality of voice communication with more natural sound and improved intelligibility, HD voice will play a key role in ensuring that voice continues to offer value for operators and users of both fixed and mobile networks.

HD voice is a crucial next step in the development of communication services. Operators derive 70 percent of their revenue from voice and voice-related services, and studies show that subscribers appreciate the personal nature of voice communication, saying it offers a familiar and emotional connection to another person.

HD voice is a fully developed and standardized technology that has so far been deployed on 32 networks in almost as many countries. People who have experienced HD voice say it feels like they are talking to a person in the same room.

The operator business case for HD voice covers many aspects, including: how subscribers make more calls and spend more time on the phone with HD voice; that HD voice helps operators keep pace with OTT players; and how enterprises in particular can benefit through deploying HD voice.

HD voice – it speaks for itself