Drop and Premises Networks


The Drop and Premises Network offering features the Ericsson Ribbonet® system for "last mile" deployment in the access network.


The system is recommended for medium to long-distance drop networks between the Fiber Access Terminal (FAT) and the Fiber Termination Boxes (FTB) or various types of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Ericsson Ribbonet® is an Air-Blown Fiber system based on microducts that you deploy incrementally as you expand your network and add subscribers. The air-blown concept reduces the civil work and installation costs significantly. The installation methods also allows for less stress on the fibers and fewer fiber splice points than traditional fiber optic cables systems, keeping the network integrity high with less maintenance cost during operation. For special cases with e.g. short distances and narrow risers we also offer Drop cables solutions.



Fiber Access Terminals FAT


Fiber Access Terminals (FAT) are primarily designed for Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber installations and for changeover from fibers emerging from microducts or drop cables to all types of fiber ...

Ribbonet Air Blown Fiber System


Ericsson’s Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber (ABF) system has been developed specifically to provide fast, efficient and flexible fiber distribution in the drop network.

Drop Cables


Our Drop Cables are designed for quick and easy connection of end-users to a nearby Fiber Access Terminal (FAT) in the FTTx network.

Fiber Termination and O/E Conversion


Ericsson Fiber Termination Boxes (FTBs) are used at enduser premises, such as homes and offices and provide easy-to-install equipment with good fiber protection in esthetic but discrete designs.