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Technology and services leadership, combined with business expertise, global scale and skills, allows Ericsson to generate customer and shareholder value. The ability to transform is critical in the ICT industry (information and communication technology) and Ericsson strives to become a leader in this industry.

Over the past 100 years, Ericsson has continuously evolved its business portfolio, entered into new and adjacent markets, developed new products and solutions and adapted to new ways of working.

Ericsson reported four business segments in 2014: Networks, Global Services, Support Solutions and Modems1), each of which is responsible for a full profit & loss statement and for the development and maintenance of its specific portfolio of products, solutions and services.

The core assets of the Company are technology and services leadership and global scale and skills. Long-term customer relationships and the fact that Ericsson has remained in the forefront in a competitive, fast-moving market for more than 100 years, shows the ability to deliver customer value. Approximately 40% of the world’s mobile traffic goes through networks delivered by Ericsson. The progress of the strategy implementation to extend the business to adjacent customer segments is visible in an increasing share of sales to non-operator customers.

The ambition is to grow faster than the market

Ericsson’s ambition is to grow faster than the market, which is estimated, by the Company, to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3–5% from 2013 to 2017.

The ambition is to grow faster than the market

A growth faster than the market is based on excelling in the core business (“Radio, Core and Transmission” and “Telecom Services”) and establishing leadership in the targeted areas of IP Networks, Cloud, OSS and BSS, TV and Media as well as Industry and Society, while at the same time increasing the share of recurring revenues and intellectual property rights (IPR) revenues.

Best-in-class margins and strong cash flow

A market-leading position, global presence, regional and local competence as well as close customer relationships provide a solid foundation for profitable growth. A market-leading position is an enabler of the aim to create shareholder value by growing sales faster than the market and generating industry best-in-class margins and generating strong cash flows.

A strong financial position, focus on profitable growth and operational efficiencies and the ambition to improve earnings in the core business remain the cornerstones of Ericsson’s financial ambitions, while continuously monetizing the footprint and making cost efficiency improvements. By industrializing, centralizing and automating, as well as leveraging a less capital intensive business mix, the ambition is to have strong operating cash flow development. A strong cash flow generation has enabled increased dividends, and also provided the financial strength to invest. Over the last five years, the annualized total shareholder return has averaged 10%.

The financial strategy includes unlocking additional values through a global cost and efficiency pro­gram, reaching an annual run-rate saving of SEK 9 billion during 2017, compared to 2014. Efficiency measures include structural enhancements, supply efficiencies and an accelerating transformation of the service delivery organization.

Ericsson’s current position

Ericsson’s current position

1) Development of modems was discontinued in 2014.