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Welcome to a journey through the world of Ericsson – trip through history towards the future. These articles depict in photographs and film how the small factory opened by Lars Magnus Ericsson in 1876 successfully evolves into a global company.

Highlights in Ericsson history

The Entrepreneurs, Hilda Ericsson

A video about Hilda Ericsson, who was of great importance to the creation and running of the company.

Breakthrough for mobile telephony

Communication using devices called walkie-talkies quickly became part of daily combat during World War II. 

Revolution in technology

The telecom industry faced a revolution in technology in the early 1970s.

View our History Explorer: 140 years of innovating ahead

For 140 years, our ideas, technology and people have created monumental impact: real turning points that have transformed lives, industries and society as a whole. View our History Explorer and learn more about impactful moments in Ericsson's history.

Changing the world

The story of Lars Magnus Ericsson and his successors.

More interesting assets about Ericssons History


Here can you find and download old annual reports, LME Review, Contact, Product catalogues and other publications.


Interesting old documentary and commercial videos - all from the entrepreneurs - Hilda Ericsson (1860-1941) to Harry Hotline in more modern time... 


Through the years there have been many books written about Ericsson. You can find a number of titles in this list.

Shaping history

Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been a global leader in ICT solutions. From manufacturing some of the first telephones, to managing networks that process 40% of the world's data, we have a long history of shaping how the world communicates.

On the line

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