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Connected vehicle solutions

Achieving the full potential of connected vehicles becomes easier for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators who partner with Ericsson to enable value-adding services while providing robust global vehicle connectivity.

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Marketplace lets automakers manage their service ecosystem. Paving the way for new business models and revenues streams.

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Why Ericsson?

We help carmakers navigate the fast-evolving connected vehicle landscape.

End-to-end partnerships

In a rapidly changing landscape, Ericsson helps vehicle manufacturers to handle fast-evolving factors with full support for development and ongoing management of your solution.

Experience and insight

Ericsson drives the technology that make connected vehicles a possibility – 5G, LTE broadband, Cloud-based solutions, and the Internet of Things.

Robust data security

As connected cars service grow and autonomous drive becomes a reality, ensuring secure data flow becomes more important, and more difficult.

Future-proof connected vehicle solutions

Vehicle manufacturers can invest in connected vehicle solutions today and be sure they can easily adapt in the future.

A partnership built on innovation

Ericsson and Volvo established a partnership in late 2012, with the goal of creating connected cars that make life safer, more efficient and more entertaining. Today, we continue our collaboration – building deeper relationships with drivers and passengers via cloud-based infotainment, telematics and safety offerings.

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Our connected vehicle offering

Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Grow and scale your business around connected vehicles. Share your vehicle data safely with third parties. Manage payment and revenue sharing to make the most of your vehicle data.

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Connected vehicle cloud

Global scalability of telematics, infotainment and connected fleet offerings with secure management of third party service providers and stakeholders.

Connectivity management

Connectivity management

Ericsson partners with OEMs to provide ongoing management of solutions that deliver, deploy and optimize vehicle connectivity around the globe.

Co-innovating to create the future of transport

From vehicle-to-vehicle communication for more efficient fleets to cars built for the sharing economy, Ericsson partners with industry leaders to co-innovated the future of connected vehicles.

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