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Share spectrum for fast and smooth deployment of 5G coverage

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing software, available on Ericsson Radio System, is based on our unique intelligent scheduler algorithms. This gives the possibility to quickly introduce 5G within 4G carriers on existing infrastructure, and to be first with 5G nationwide coverage. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing in combination with 5G carrier aggregation typically doubles the coverage area of new 5G mid/high band cells delivering hundreds of Megabits per second indoors and at cell edge.

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Instantaneously share 4G / 5G spectrum allocation based on traffic demand

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing software dynamically shares spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand. For every millisecond, the split of simultaneous 4G and 5G capacity is adjusted to secure an optimal performance for any mix of 4G and 5G active devices in the network. This minimizes spectrum wastage and results in the best end-user performance.

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Boosting 5G NR mid and high bands coverage

5G NR deployed in the mid-bands (i.e. 3.5 GHz) has a similar coverage as 4G, especially in urban and dense environments with tight cell grids. In this case, it is common for 4G and 5G radios to share the same site. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing in combination with 5G carrier aggregation will secure a good outside-in coverage for the 5G mid-band, mitigating the need for new street level sites.

5G NR deployed in high-bands (i.e. 39 GHz) has less coverage compared to 4G. In this case, site reuse between 4G and 5G radios is less common except for super tight LTE cell grids. Here it is more common that 5G NR deployments are done on street level sites. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing in combination with 5G carrier aggregation typically doubles the coverage area of the 5G NR high-band increasing the chances of reusing existing 4G sites while significantly reducing the need for new street level sites.

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Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.