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At Ericsson, we believe digital industrialization strategies, rather than cloud strategies, are key to capturing the opportunities of the Networked Society. Digital industrialization is about turning “IT into an asset” by modernizing infrastructure, applications and the data and bring them all under one operational and economic domain.

Ericsson powers digital industrialization through a unique combination of advanced technology, global presence and proven ability to drive transformation.

Future digital infrastructure

As we move into a zero distance world we have to challenge the assumptions about what kind of infrastructure we will be using.

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Digital industrialization

Today’s organizations operate in a business climate of breakneck speed and continuous change. Ericsson Cloud enables businesses to transform their IT operations so that they can respond to these changing market forces faster, and deliver customer value more effectively, all while containing costs to be more competitive.

We call this digital industrialization. It’s a continuous cycle that organizations can use to turn IT infrastructure from a cost into an asset, by: standardizing on one set of technologies and economics, across facilities, hardware, software, and operations; consolidating data-centers; abstracting functionality; automating operations; and governing it all to ensure security, integrity, and compliance.

Ericsson cloud capabilities

ICT Center

Industrialize cloud infrastructure

An infrastructure built on security, automation,  governance, and accessibility.

Global Network Operations Center

Operate with efficiency

Cloud transformation, management and orchestration to make operations more efficient.

Stacks of cargo

Transform businesses

New opportunities enabled by cloud adoption, wider ecosystems and innovative business models.

A datacenter designed as a digital factory

Hyperscalable, software-defined, automated, and accessible in a way that you’ve never seen before.

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Highlights on digital industrialization

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Building 5G core networks

How Ericsson can help bring your network into the modern age, with key technologies like NFV and SDN.

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