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Public safety solutions

Today public safety agencies are challenged on all sides to make their operations more reliable and efficient. Effective communications are a vital element in this transformation. By integrating existing hardware and systems with new technology, you can ensure mission critical communications where they matter most.

How Ericsson is transforming Public Safety

Nothing is more important than public safety, and the Ericsson is a leader in public safety and security innovation.

Ericsson unleash new possibilities for partners and customers

Find out how Ericsson, DNA and State Networks Group test public safety over LTE

Public safety goes personal

Citizens are increasingly using the internet for their own personal safety. This engagement is putting high expectations on city authorities and public safety agencies.

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Mission Critical Communications

Mobile broadband (LTE/5G) revolutionizes how you connect and communicate. Future proof connectivity solutions increase efficiency, security and situational awareness.

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Proven public safety expertise

Here are a few of our cases demonstrating how our solutions turn digitalization into acceleration.

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Brazilian city cuts serious crime by 19%

Serious crimes have been reduced by 19% in São José dos Campos,Brazil, thanks in part to Ericsson’s emergency response system.

Coordinating 13,000 emergency calls per day in Spain

Ericsson is the prime integrator of the emergency response system for Comunitat Valenciana, Spain.

Sending images, real-time video and data in the UK

Public safety workers in the UK have improved mission-critical services enabled by a solution from Ericsson and Motorola.

Building tomorrow's networks

Forward thinking Public Safety authorizes are deploying the latest information and communication technologies in all aspects of public safety

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Response redefined

Our white paper shows how new public safety risks and opportunities can be met with ICT solutions.

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5G security

How will 5G systems affect security, privacy and trust? Learn about the 5G evolution in our white paper.

Public safety enables

Mission Critical Communications

Our future proof connectivity solutions increase efficiency, security and situational awareness.

Disaster and emergency management

We ensure public safety by providing solutions that enable the situational awareness and operations efficiency needed to deliver rapid disaster and emergency response.

Border and area security

Our comprehensive and flexible solutions provides vital communications infrastructure, sensor networks, and monitoring capabilities to deliver security with operational efficiency.