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Real connectivity solutions for your real estate

Today’s building owners and managers of both commercial and industrial real estate face a number of networking challenges

Not only are they expected to connect an ever growing number of devices used by both tenants and visitors, but they also increasingly need to connect ”things” as the Internet of Things, or IoT, emerges. In fact, in 2021 it is forecast that there will be more than 28 billion connected devices. With 90 percent of our time spent indoors, this growth can have a significant impact on commercial and industrial buildings. And they want to be sure that the network solutions they deploy today will address their future requirements because the next generation of mobile networking technology, known as 5G, is less than 5 years away.

Improving indoor app coverage

More smartphones and new IoT apps are placing huge demands on indoor networks. Ericsson can help.

Learn how to improve indoor app coverage

Transforming the user experience in your buildings

Compact energy efficient

Compact energy efficient indoor networking

Energy efficient buildings can cause poor indoor coverage – particularly because of the use of energy efficient windows that also shield from radio signals. To improve voice and data services we use indoor systems that give indoor users strong signals for a good indoor service. These systems also provide support for IoT connectivity based on cellular technologies.


Microwave to and between buildings

A well-connected building can differentiate your real estate offering. As a building owner or manager, not only do you need high-capacity network access to your buildings, you may also need to interconnect multiple buildings within a campus environment. Microwave technology provides a scalable and secure solution that is fast and easy to deploy.

Flexible service options

Flexible service options

For a complete hands-off networking solution, Ericsson offers Small Cells as a Service, with Ericsson Services providing a turn-key solution, including ownership of the hardware and network deployment and operation.

Mobile broadband - evolution to 5G

Mobile broadband - evolution to 5G

Mobile broadband is a prerequisite for collaborating, socializing and innovating in the Networked Society. For real estate owners this means that the networking solution you choose has the potential to differentiate your building from competition.

Connect your buildings to the Networked Society

Green is good

Green is good

Skanska and Ericsson partner to make environmentally-smart buildings smarter with Radio Dot System.

Boosting indoor coverage

Boosting indoor coverage

The Ericsson Radio Dot System is now delivering superior indoor cellular connectivity at Salus hospital, the only United States Green Building Council certified eco-friendly health care facility in Puerto Rico.

Innovative services at connected stadium

Innovative services at connected stadium

By providing the Connected Stadium and Wi-Fi connectivity in an as-a Service model, Ericson jointly with Legia Warszawa enables cost-efficient innovative services to be launched quickly, allowing Legia to focus on promoting new offerings to football fans like in-seat deliveries.

Scaling up your indoor business

Did you know that 90 percent of our time is spent indoors yet only 40 percent of us are satisfied with our indoor cellular coverage? It is time to scale up your indoor networks to ensure you are connecting the people and things that matter, where it matters the most.

Technology itself won’t address the need alone – bringing cellular inside requires better cooperation between multiple parties and deploying solutions that are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing to ensure no tenant disruptions. Operators, building owners, and enterprises need to work together to bring better capacity and high performing mobile networks indoors.

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