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Transforming urban life globally

Stephanie Huf, Leader of Global tech/ICT marketing, communications, sustainability and policy, reveals how sustainable, smart cities will provide their citizens with everything from convenient parking to flood protection.

Benchmarks for agile innovation today, and in the long term


Make your city more attractive for international companies and talent with an efficient ICT infrastructure, reliable services and minimal bureaucracy.


Create a more efficient city by integrating all stakeholders and utilizing available resources to provide the best possible services at the lowest cost.


Prevent and deter risks with ICT solutions and coordinated responses between all stakeholders to make your municipality more secure and desirable.


Cities become more livable for all people, both residents and visitors, by providing equal opportunities and equal access to the city and its services.


Urban areas become more resilient to population growth, environmental change, natural disasters and security challenges by investing in agile ICT.


Develop, maintain and grow your city with sustainable practices which address today's challenges and adapt to future needs and initiatives as they arise.

How we make cities smart and sustainable

City view at night

Our offering: An end-to-end solution from strategy to continuing innovation

To create smart and sustainable cities, urban planners have a lot to consider. Our platform takes all of your challenges into consideration.

City view at night Taipei Taiwan

Download white paper: Achieve sustainability with a horizontal solution

Our holistic approach provides comprehensive solutions for your city by incorporating all assets, stakeholders and industries.

Some of our successful cases around the globe


São José Dos Campos

To implement solutions like gunshot detection systems, climate sensors and smart lighting, Ericsson integrates multiple stakeholders to assure urban safety and security

people in movement

Translink Netherlands

Translink worked with Ericsson to simplify commuting in the Netherlands by creating a solution to incorporate 10 local and national transport operators with a single e-ticketing system.

city view estonia

Estonia Smart Meters

Estonia's major electric network operator partnered with Ericsson for a turn-key solution which improves operations, maintenance, and regulatory compliance with reduced costs and risk.

Explore our Networked City Index

We examined 41 cities worldwide to provide an overview of social, economic and environmental progress.

Download the Networked Society City Index Report