Turn code into cash

    Being a developer is no easy task. With fragmentation in the device market and a free-for-all mentality on the internet, finding inspiration and the right customers is a challenge. With so much uncertainty, it's good to have a partner who can make sense of a complicated world.

    We are helping innovators – application and software developers – find inspiration and turn ideas into reality. We are also helping operators in 175 countries identify innovative new applications for their customers. That makes Ericsson a channel for you to reach a broad market with your apps.

    Estore Developer Program

    Estore Developer Program The mobile application market may be growing rapidly, but developers still need an efficient way to enter the market and make money. Ericsson's eStore Developer Program offers you an immediate distribution channel to reach operators and consumers around the world.

    Mobile Broadband Modules

    Mobile Broadband ModulesConsumers want their internet connection to be as mobile as they are. New products are going online and the PC industry is embracing these new opportunities.

    Ericsson Labs

    Ericsson Labs Discovering technology is easy – finding inspiration is a bit harder to come by. Ericsson Labs is your opportunity to explore technology in an open environment, design with experimental enablers and share your applications with other creative minds.

    Open source

    Open source Continuous innovation, community empowerment and customer loyalty. Ericsson is an active participant in the open-source community and supports a number of initiatives.

    Labs API's

    Labs banner

    In response to a booming interest in location-based services, Ericsson Labs’ Mobile Location API helps developers to build applications that draw on the mobile user’s position.

    Ericsson Labs Mobile Location API

    Future of apps

    Future of apps

    Mobile applications of every type imaginable are now being used on mobile phones, but they haven’t always been a winning proposition for operators.

    The future of apps