Gold partner

    The long-term partnership between HP and Ericsson has been marked by several milestones dating from early BSCS releases running on HP UX as strategic platform up until today, where Ericsson is one of the top HP partners in the telecom business. This strong cooperation is substantiated by the mere fact that over 80 BSCS installations are running on HP systems, which makes HP the most widely deployed platform for running BSCS. Starting in 2000, HP and Ericsson have undertaken yearly extensive benchmarks to demonstrate continuously increasing, impressive values of HW and SW performance. Consequently, Ericsson was the first billing system vendor to support HP UX on the Itanium platform. Ericssons' BSCS and HP's OC SAC service controller are pre-integrated products that offer telecom operators a powerful combination of a carrier-grade solution for convergent charging.