Transform today

    "Times, they are a-changing," someone once sang. And they are. The world is changing. Your customers are changing. Your business is changing. Is your network?

    Cut Costs, Create Cash

    The forces driving these changes are too strong to resist. Subscribers are demanding new services. They want mobile broadband and the rich content it makes possible. They want IPTV and high-definition TV through their home broadband network connections. They want more advanced telephony services. They want speed and capacity. And they want it now.

    The enterprise market is bringing new demands too, with bandwidth-hungry applications such as video conferencing leading corporate customers to turn to IP and Ethernet network connections.

    The demands on capacity also keep on growing. From a mobile phone to a PC, there is a thousand-fold increase in traffic. From a PC to a widescreen TV, the capacity demand increases 100 or even 1000 time more.

    And these new services have to keep coming. It’s a matter of survival. They are a way to stand out from the crowd, and win new customers.

    All of these challenges turn into opportunities when you have the right network. More traffic is good – if the network can handle it.

    There are opportunities flowing from the new devices, the gaming systems, the e-book readers, the cameras, the mobile broadband, the HDTV, IPTV, the next-generation enterprise solutions, rich communications, the 50 billion connections. There are new industries reinventing themselves by using advanced communications: health care, education, transport and utilities.

    You can’t capture those opportunities with a network past its use-by date.

    Transforming the business and transforming the network are two sides of the same coin. It needs a long-term, strategic plan. Network transformation is a quantum leap that lets you pursue your long-term business goals. It brings huge gains in efficiency. We have seen an average 30-40 percent reduction in opex among operators who have taken the step.

    It can drive new revenues, paving the way for new, richer services that give you an edge in the market.

    And a transformed network does more than transform business. It can transform your future.

    Keeping lifelines open

    Keeping lifelines open. Telecom network transformation

    By reusing standardized, mainstream communications technology, national security and public safety (NSPS) organizations can leverage economies of scale and meet their requirements for new capabilities, reliability and security in a cost-effective and future-proof manner.

    Keeping lifelines open