Ericsson is using its ICT expertise to increase the efficiency of shipping & watch this video to learn how.

At present ships rely on manually updated traffic, cargo, port, weather and safety information that is sent point-to-point rather than made available to all parties simultaneously via a network. This is a time-consuming process and the lack of access to real-time data significantly increases the margin for error.

Maritime ICT Cloud is an end-to-end offering from Ericsson that combines a managed cloud solution with industry applications, service enablement, connectivity management, and consulting and systems integration services.

Ericsson’s Maritime ICT Cloud will connect vessels at sea with shore-based operations, maintenance service providers, customer support centers, fleet/transportation partners, port operations and authorities. At the same time, the offering enables services used to manage fleets, monitor engines and fuel consumption, oversee routes and navigation, and ensure the wellbeing of the crew.

Ericsson will provide everything from satellite connections to application support in one complete package, and manage operation of the Maritime ICT Cloud on behalf of its customers.