Over the past few years, Ericsson has made steady progress in increasing the number of women at senior-level positions. 35 percent of the Executive Leadership Team members were women in 2016, a substantial increase over the past five years. The number of women in the top 250 most senior positions has also continued to rise and is currently at 25 percent.

Gender Ambition for 2020

Our goal is to encourage a gender-intelligent organization which recognizes and values the differences that both men and women bring to the organization. Increasing gender diversity is a central focus.

Our 2020 gender diversity aim is for 30 percent of all employees to be female, including leaders and executives. In 2016, we have made progress and are moving in the right direction.

Ericsson female diversity total workforce
percentage of female employees at Ericsson



We believe that achieving gender equality across the world requires everyone to be involved. Ericsson supports the UN HeforShe Campaign, which focuses on what men can do to address the inequalities and discrimination faced by women.

"We all benefit socially, politically and economically from gender equality in our everyday lives. When women are empowered, the whole of humanity benefits. Gender equality liberates not only women but also men, from prescribed social roles and gender stereotypes." HeforShe

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