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By staying on top of the latest digital technology trends, you’ll be tuned in to the most innovative industry solutions. From improving the digital experience for your customers to enabling the required virtualization capability needed to compete, our goal is to help you become a digital service provider so you can better serve and grow your customers and build industry relevance.

Cloud Native Applications

Increase the efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure

Digital Telecom Customer Experience

How do consumers feel today about their interactions with telecom service providers?

Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud goes beyond NFVi and Edge Computing. Our approach brings cloud capabilities to the masses.

Network Functions Virtualization

What does it take to go from an NFV trial to commercial operation?

Network Slicing

Network slicing is a powerful virtualization capability and one of the key capabilities that will enable flexibility.


Understand how XaaS can accelerate your transformation

More insights material

Podcast collection

Ericsson’s Digital Services has launched a podcast series in partnership with Dez Blanchfield called, Transmissions from Tomorrow.

5G voice evolution – where to start

Voice is the king of communication and in a 5G world it will be more important than ever, through various types of use cases.

Ericsson Consumer and IndustryLab Report: The zero-touch customer experience

This edition captures the thoughts and reactions of approximately 7,000 smartphone users who had recent interactions with telecom service providers.

eBrief: NFV

A series of eBriefs designed to help you overcome barriers to NFV adoption and accelerate your transformation.

Report: Scalable network opportunities

A new report, Scalable network opportunities – an economic study of 5G network slicing for IoT service deployment, analyzes the economic benefits.

Future Digital blog

Open source networking days Singapore – Oct 15th

Oct 12, 2018

Open source networking days Singapore – Oct 15th

Ericsson is sponsoring and hosting an Open Source Networking days mini summit event in Singapore on Oct 15th in collaboration with Linux Foundation Networking (LFN). Ericsson hosted a similar event last October in Stockholm as part of the European tour. This year, Ericsson is brining this event to Singapore as part of APAC tour.

Oct 11, 2018

Automation of 5G cloud native applications

Jan Häglund, head of R&D at Ericsson Digital Services shares his insights in a podcast on virtualization, telco transformation and how to automate 5G cloud native applications.

Oct 10, 2018

What's involved in a PNF to VNF migration?

Most telecom operators are still structured to support siloed physical network functions. They are not prepared for VNF's agile business model in which new services are launched rapidly. What are the considerations you need to do that, although they are beyond the basic tasks of migrating subscribers from PNFs to VNFs, are critical to the success of a migration?

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