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ICT security products, solutions and services

The world is becoming increasingly connected. An emergence of 5G, IoT (Internet of Things) and the digitalization of business means a greater reliance on ICT (Information Communication Technology). While this will bring huge opportunities, it will also lead to an increase in risk. The security surrounding the ICT infrastructure and the data it handles will become even more critical in the digital environment.

With unique insight and unparalleled experience of ICT security, Ericsson’s security products and services provide complete end-to-end solutions for managing and protecting data in our growing hyper-connected society.

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The latest highlights from Security

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End-to-end Security Management for the IoT

As the diversity of IoT services and the number of connected devices continue to increase, the threats to IoT systems are changing and growing even faster.

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Webinar: Securing the Telco Cloud, available on demand

In this webinar we will hear from Swisscom how they approach the security aspects when transforming to Telco cloud and how Ericsson can support operators on their virtualization journey.

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Webinar: Securing the connected IoT Future, available on demand

In this webinar you will hear from Intel Security about the challenges with security when it comes to IoT and how Ericsson can assist in making IoT secure.

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Learn more about Security compliance auditing in the cloud

Learn more about Security compliance auditing in the cloud

How can you offer reliable security compliance information in a timely and cost-efficient manner in the cloud? Read our latest Ericsson Technology Review article provides an overview of existing auditing tools and outlines the main challenges and implementation gaps.

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Our approach

Ericsson manages telecom systems on behalf of operators and other customers around the world, serving over one billion subscribers. Our installed products support 2.5 billion mobile users, handling 40 percent of all mobile data traffic.

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Research collaborations

Ericsson collaborates with a range of organizations to drive innovation in the field of cyber security.

Lightweight security protocols for IoT with SICS

Ericsson and SICS are standardizing a key enabler of the IoT: lightweight security protocols for constrained devices.

Cloud compliance with CIISE

Ericsson and CIISE are working together to develop tools that can manage security auditing and compliance within the cloud.

Smarter machines with RISELab

Ericsson is supporting UC Berkeley’s RISELab, which aims to improve how machines make intelligent and secure decisions based on real-time input.

ICT Security portfolio

Ericsson offers a complete ICT security portfolio of products, solutions and services, enabling each individual customer to achieve superior security and complying with the relevant data protection regulations.

Managed security services

Managed security services

Our managed security services provide superior threat protection for networks and the related operational and information technologies.

Data centric security

Data centric security

Ericsson has a unique blockchain-based approach to verifying and protecting data.

Network security

Network security

Ericsson is a leading vendor of secure networks and security-related services, and is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing environment.

Ericsson Security Manager

Security Management

Ericsson Security Manager provides policy based automation of security configuration, monitoring and compliance for all ICT domains, including Cloud, Networks and Enterprise, as well 5G and IoT.

Professional security services

Professional security services

Secure solutions are part of Ericsson’s foundation. We offer professional security services to enable business resilience for our customers and securing their data assets.

Identity management

Identity management

Ericsson’s identity management portfolio provides trustworthy user authentication, authorization and access management solutions.

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