Ericsson Virtual Private Network

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    By providing virtual private branch exchange functionality, the Ericsson Virtual Private Network dramatically increases employee availability while ensuring the cost control that enterprises demand.

    Global Services – Software Asset Management (GS-SAM)

    GS-SAM is the business model used for bringing our software solution to market, in which GCD M&A provides our customers with software functions combined with SW life cycle management services. The intention of GS-SAM is to enable continued business value of the SW solution for our customers, based on cost efficient availability, improvement and enrichment of the SW.

    With GS-SAM the cost for the life cycle management services are shared by all customers using the SW solution. Via annual GS-SAM contributions our customers can rely on optimal SW performance, licenses renewal and introduction of new SW features, based on distributed, and thereby predictable and affordable cost.

    Ericsson Virtual Private Network can now only be ordered from BUGS CSI via Ralph Bier.
    Related to this ECP and ONE are now closed for the ordering of NGIN Applications.