1. Keeping Ericsson’s Employer Brand Fresh in Times of Change and Transformation

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Keeping Ericsson’s Employer Brand Fresh in Times of Change and Transformation


A photo of me speaking at the 2016 Glassdoor Summit about how Ericsson is delivering its employer brand.

Ericsson is undergoing a transformation; we are changing from a telecommunications company to an ICT and a Software/Services company. And, our Employer Brand strategy is also undergoing a transformation. In addition to fully integrating Diversity and Inclusion into Ericsson’s employer value proposition, we have also enhanced our message to reflect our transformation. We want to make sure that You + Ericsson, our Employer Brand proposition, stays relevant and attractive in the market place during times of change and transformation.

Change affects how employees perceive their career prospects, as well as how candidates perceive an organization. And, how the change is communicated and framed within the Employer Brand is key to the company’s success.  A strong, clearly articulated employer brand helps to manage the impact of change on the employee experience.

What’s is an employer brand?

An Employer Brand tells the world, from active and passive candidates to our employees, what it’s like to work at a company; such as Ericsson. From the day-to-day operations to team activities, events, and overall community—everything that involves our business (including the transformation) is correlated to Ericsson’s employer brand. And in today’s shifting and changing market, our employer brand message toward change is key to our candidate attraction strategy.

Why is Ericsson refreshing its employer brand?

We want to reinforce understanding around our employer brand and its role in Ericsson’s transformation. It’s important that during times of change, we hit the reset button and re focus on the key drivers of our recruitment marketing strategy and position. During times of business change, we want to:

  • Make sure our employer brand message instills confidence and pride among our employees.
  • Provide reminders and examples why Ericsson is a great place to work.
  • Foster understanding around the employer brand and its role in Ericsson’s transformation.
  • Inspire internal pride and ownership in You + Ericsson as the core employer brand proposition.

How is Ericsson refreshing its employer brand?

During our transformation, we’ll continue to regularly repurpose employee videos that showcase Ericsson’s culture, and amplify our value proposition across multiple careers channels. And, we want to enhance employee engagement and interaction with entertaining and informative activities. Some of our employer brand refresh activities include:

  • The Ericsson’s – An up to date and illustrative look at our pioneer founder Lars Magnus, and his wife Hilda Ericsson, who played an integral role in the business. We’ll inject humor with this popular media and incorporate them into our employer brand message with engaging quotes and future comic strips.
  • Blog Posts – Real employees will give personal insight that builds confidence in Ericsson’s employer brand and the transformation.
  • Music Playlists – Diversity is key to Ericsson’s employer brand. Employees will be encouraged to represent their culture by uploading their favorite songs to be shared across regions. You are welcome to visit iamEricsson.com  to see what Ericsson employees are listening to. And, feel free to visit this site next month during Diversity Awareness Month as we’ll have an intriguing activity on the page.
  • Social media – Employees will be reminded to follow Ericsson Careers social media channels where they’ll see fresh employer brand messages.
  • Pre and Post Survey – It’s vital to measure just how well your message is resonating with employees and how well they know the employer brand. We are collecting responses so we can gauge employee’s perceptions about Ericsson’s employer brand before and after the refresh.
  • Internal Ericsson Newsletter – an article will be submitted to build awareness around our employer brand refresh and purpose for employees.
  • Campus digital signage – signage will be provided for reinforcement and awareness.

During times of change, it’s especially important to communicate your Employer Brand for reinforcement and inspiration. We want our employees to reacquaint themselves with our employer brand proposition You + Ericsson. And as Ericsson undergoes its transformation, we want our employees to be inspired, encouraged, and reminded of Ericsson’s strength and relevance in the marketplace and our commitment to become a global employer of choice.

Ericsson is a global ICT and software services company, and we hire people who are ready to be a part of a transforming company and are eager to embrace change and make it happen. If you are ready for the challenge, we encourage you to apply today. This is your chance to transform the world of ICT, don’t miss it.

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    By: Lisa Smith-Strother

    Lisa was a marketing professional in the financial services arena for nearly 20 years before moving into the Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing space. She’s held roles with increasing responsibility at American Express, NatWest Bank, M & T Bank, and Bancorp Bank as a Vice President and Strategic Marketing Head. Her experience covers consumer marketing, segmentation, ethnic marketing, and brand awareness for Financial Services. Lisa successfully transferred her marketing skill set to the HR Employer Branding arena for the Pharma industry at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – where she led and delivered Employer Branding strategies, social/digital media, candidate attraction, and onboarding solutions for 7 years.

    Lisa has been the Sr. Director and Head of Global Employer Branding, Diversity TA, and Social/Digital Careers Channels at Ericsson Worldwide for the past 15 months. She is happy to use her skill set in the exciting ICT industry. Lisa is a graduate of Springfield College, and has a Masters from the graduate School of Retail Bank Marketing, and MBA from Temple University. She resides in Wilmington, Delaware with her family.

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