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How Much Do You Know About the Role of Women in the Tech Industry?

Get ready to test your knowledge of women and their role in the computing and technology field!

What percentage of the computing workforce is made up of women?





What percentage of patents for inventions in information technology do women hold?





What percentage of technology companies globally have at least one woman in the C-suite?





What factor or factors are often cited as responsible for the lack of women working in technology fields?

Gender stereotypes

Lack of talent pool

In-group favoritism

All of the above

How many of Sara Mazur’s, Ericsson VP and Head of Research, inventions have been patented?





What is Ericsson’s gender diversity goal that the company hopes to achieve by 2020?

15% of all employees are female

25% of all employees are female

30% of all employees are female

50% of all employees are female

What percentage of investor money goes to women-led technology startups?





Has the gender gap in the computing industry widened or shrunk since 1990?

It has widened

It has shrunk

Women in STEM careers are 45% more likely than their male colleagues to leave their industries. What reason do women cite most as why they want to leave their job?

A feeling of being ‘stalled’ in their career path

Hostile, male-oriented work culture

Isolation and exclusion

Workplace harassment

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Ericsson Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, was the first person in her industry to conduct a human rights impact assessment to evaluate the risk of mobile communications on developing countries. Which sector or sectors do you think mobile communications affect?

Social reforms

Economic reforms

Human rights

All of the above

Ada Lovelace is credited with being the first computer programmer. What was the first algorithm she described in her work?

An algorithm for computers to compute numbers

A code for computers to repeat instructions, now known as looping

An algorithm for computers to mathematically win at gambling

A code for a calculator on a computer

In 1946 a group of women programmed the first all-electronic, programmable computer, the ENIAC, but were never introduced when it was unveiled to the press. How many women were involved in programming this computer?





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